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Interstate 795, currently numbered as Florida 9B, will provide a cut-off between I-95 and the East Beltway of Interstate 295 in Southside Jacksonville. Construction was completed on the first phase of the new freeway, between U.S. 1 (Philips Highway) and I-295 on September 19, 2013. Work continues on Phase 2, including the future interchange at I-95, through to summer 2016. Phase 3 of the SR 9B project extends the freeway southward to County Road 2209 (St. Johns Parkway). This phase is currently in development.

When Florida 9B is completed between Interstates 95 and 295, signs will be updated to show the route as Interstate 795.1

Map of the Jacksonville area showing Interstate 795 entering from the south.

Southern Terminus - Interstate 95 - near the Duval and Saint Johns county line
State Road 9B will end at Interstate 95 in northern St. Johns County. It was thought that the route may end opposite the proposed First Coast Outer Beltway, but that interchange was moved further south.
Northern Terminus - Florida 9A/Future Interstate 295 - Jacksonville, Florida
Florida 9A southbound as it rounds the bend towards the Greenland section of Jacksonville/Duval County. The stub to the left will be the merging of Interstate 795 ramps onto Interstate 295. The northbound lanes of Florida 9A are hidden behind the berm to the left. Photo taken by Daniel Davis (10/20/02).
Closer look at the stub on Florida 9A southbound that will be the southbound beginning of Interstate 795. The Interstate itself looks to see a four plus mile routing to Interstate 95. One interchange is to be featured between Interstate 95 and Future Interstate 295 and will be located at U.S. 1. Photo taken by Daniel Davis (10/20/02).
  1. "9A is steadily becoming the I-295 Beltway." The Florida Times-Union, March 12, 2012.

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State Florida
Mileage TBD
Cities Jacksonville
Junctions Interstate 95, Interstate 295
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