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Interstate 664 in Virginia is the western bypass and alternate route serving the Virginia Tidewater and the Hampton/Newport News metropolitan area. The interstate begins at the eastern terminus of Interstate 64 and the western terminus of Interstate 264 with a northerly orientation toward the James River. The freeway crosses the Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge Tunnel before entering Newport News and Hampton, where it reunites with Interstate 64. Interstate 664 represents the western half of the Hampton Roads Beltway system; the eastern half is Interstate 64. Interstate 664 retains sequential based exit numbers in a state that uses a mileage based format.


The first segment of Interstate 664 (near the northern junction with Interstate 64) opened in 1981. Various sections in Hampton and Newport News opened through the remainder of the 1980s, and the last section (including the Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel) opened on April 30, 1992. Interstate 664 was not approved by the AASHTO Special Committee on Route Numbering until June 13, 1992, which was after the freeway was complete.

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Highway Guides

Southern Terminus - Interstates 64 and 264; U.S. 13, 58, and 460 - Portsmouth, Virginia
Perspective from Interstate 664 south
The last Interstate 664 southbound exit is for U.S. 13 north/460 east/Military Highway (Exit 14). This ramp serves the Bowers Hill community. Meanwhile Interstate 664 motorists have two choices: Exit 15A for Interstate 264 east and Portsmouth/downtown Norfolk or Exit 15B for Interstate 64 Outer and Chesapeake/Virginia Beach. Photo taken by Jonathan Lebowitz (08/02).
Night-time view of the above Pictured sign bridge. U.S. 13/460 enter the scene from Suffolk to the west in a triplex with U.S. 58. The two highways stayed together for approximately eight miles before splitting near Interstate 464. Vidcap taken 01/02/01.
Overheads at the terminus of Interstate 664 and split of Exit 15A and B. Note the West cardinal direction has been greened out on the Interstate 64 panel. Interstate 264 will again cross its parent in 15 miles. Photo taken by Jonathan Lebowitz (08/02).
Night-time perspective of the above Pictured overheads. Interstate 64 retains only two lanes from its beginning eastward to Exit 291/Interstate 464/U.S. 17/Virginia 168. A narrow drawbridge is situated between Exits 296 and 291. Vidcap taken 01/02/01.
End Interstate 664/East Interstate 264 shield assembly on the Exit 15A ramp. Interstate 264 enters the city of Portsmouth before Exit 2 and the city of Norfolk by Exit 8. A second end Interstate 664 shield can be found on the Exit 15B ramp for Interstate 64 Outer (see next photo). Photo taken by Carter Buchanan (06/01).
End Interstate 664 on the Interstate 64 outer ramp. Interstate 64 shields on the Inner/Outer portion are generally bannerless such as this. Photo taken by Aaron Porter (12/29/01).
Perspective from Interstate 64 Inner
End Interstate 64 and Begin Northbound Interstate 664 on transition ramp from Inner Interstate 64 onto Inner/Northbound Interstate 664. A second end Interstate 64 shield is posted on the eastbound Interstate 264 ramp. Photo taken by Tony Payne (4/00).
Perspective from Interstate 264 west
Westbound Interstate 264 at the split between Interstate 64 Outer and Interstate 664 North. U.S. 13/58/460 tie into this junction at Interstate 664/Exit 14 near Bowers Hill. Traffic taking Interstate 664 northbound will reach Newport News in seven miles. Photo taken 12/17/01.
Northern Terminus - Interstates 64 - Newport News, Virginia
Perspective from Interstate 664 north
Northbound Interstate 664 approaching Junction Interstate 64, one mile. This guide sign is posted within the Exit 2/Powhatan Parkway interchange. Photo taken 12/17/01.
Northbound Interstate 664 approaching Junction Interstate 64, one-half mile. There are no more mainline exits of Interstate 664. Photo taken 03/01.
Northbound Interstate 664 at Junction Interstate 64. Exit 1 marks the northern terminus of Interstate 664. Photo taken 03/01.
Interstate 664 north comes to an end beyond this overhead gantry for Interstate 64 east and west. Photo taken by Tony Payne (04/00).
Perspective from Interstate 64 east
Interstate 664 advance signage along Interstate 64 eastbound. Interstate 664 is the recommended route for vacationers destined to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Interstate 664 also is shown as an alternate to the Inner/Outer signed portion of Interstate 64 in Chesapeake and Suffolk. Vidcap taken 01/02/01.
Interstate 64 east at Exit 264 for Interstate 664 south. Interstate 664 cuts a swath through downtown Newport News before crossing the James River while Interstate 64 continues toward the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel and city of Norfolk. Photo taken 03/01.
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