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Interstate 580 in Nevada is the U.S. 395 freeway in the Reno-Carson City metropolitan area between Fairview Drive in Carson City and Interstate 80 in Reno (with provisions to extend Interstate 580 south to U.S. 50 by 2014). The 2002 FHWA Route Log and Finder List indicates that the section of U.S. 395 between Neil Road and Interstate 80 was the original designated segment of Interstate 580; the rest of Interstate 580 was added since then. The last segment of Interstate 580 between Washoe City and Mt. Rose Junction opened in August 2012.

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Based on field research and pictures on our Interstate 580 page, the first sign of Interstate 580 was the mileposts found on the U.S. 395 freeway between Mt. Rose Junction and Virginia Avenue in northern Reno. However, those mileposts were the only indication in the field that U.S. 395 was actually Interstate 580. Shields and overhead signs for Interstate 580 were added to the route starting in August 2012 to designate the freeway officially and publicly as Interstate 580.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Freeway (originally built as the North-South Freeway) carries Interstate 580 and U.S. 395 through Reno. This freeway, along with the Carson City Bypass and Pleasant Valley Bypass was constructed in phases according to the Interstate 580 Freeway Extension web page (click on "History & Overview"). The following provides opening dates for the freeway:

  • 1964-1970 - Segment from Alternate U.S. 395 and former Nevada 428 (Exit 44) at Lakeview north to Winters Ranch (near Exit 50, Alternate U.S. 395 and former Nevada 429) opened
  • 1973 - Segment from Nevada 648/Glendale Avenue (Exit 67) north to Business U.S. 395/Virginia Street at Panther Valley (Exit 72) opened
  • 1980 - Segment from Business U.S. 395 (Nevada 430)/South Virginia Street (Exit 63) north to Nevada 648/Glendale Avenue (Exit 67) opened
  • 1983 - Segment between Exits 61 and 63 (both Business U.S. 395/Virginia Street) opened
  • 1998 - Segment from Mt. Rose Junction (Nevada 431/Mt. Rose Highway and Nevada 341/Geiger Grade Road) (Exit 56) north to Business U.S. 395 (Nevada 430)/South Virginia Street (Exit 61) opened
  • February 16, 2006 - Segment from U.S. 50 and Nevada 530/East William Street northwest to Business U.S. 395 (Nevada 531)/North Carson Street opened (northern leg of Carson City bypass)
  • September 2009 - Segment from Fairview Drive (Exit 38) north to U.S. 50 and Nevada 530/East William Street (Exit 39) opened
  • August 24, 2012 and August 27, 2012 - Segment from Washoe Lake (near Bowers Mansion) (Exit 50) and Mt. Rose Junction (interchange with Nevada 431/Mount Rose Highway and Nevada 341/Geiger Grade Road) (Exit 56) opened, including the signature Galena Creek Bridge (1,700 feet long, 690 feet tall, "world's largest concrete cathedral arch bridge")
  • August-October 2012 - Interstate 580 signs added along with U.S. 395 between Carson City and Reno
  • 2014 - anticipated completion date from U.S. 50-395/South Carson Street north to Fairview Drive

The project to fill the freeway gap between Washoe Lake and Mt. Rose Junction was primarily done because of safety concerns on Alternate U.S. 395 (Old Highway 395) through Pleasant Valley. Several fatal accidents occurred on this stretch of Old U.S. 395, and the freeway bypass places a barrier between the two directions of traffic. The highway is also anticipated to restore connectivity between the communities of Steamboat, Pleasant Valley, and Washoe City.

Jeff Royston of AARoads staff indicates that Interstate 580 may have been posted in the early to mid-1980s, but the shields were removed. Dave Billeci adds: "From my own experience back in 1983, I-580 shields were posted and co-signed with U.S. 395 in Reno south of the interchange with I-80 on the U.S. 395 Freeway. I believe the overhead signs eastbound approaching the interchange with U.S. 395 on I-80 had I-580 shields as well. A few years later all the I-580 shields were removed for some reason. From all indications from what I read on your site as well as looking through the NDOT site, those I-580 shields will be back up again if not already. The mystery is why were the signs removed in the first place."3

High Priority Corridor

Interstate 580 in Nevada is part of High Priority Corridor 68: Washoe County Corridor and U.S. 95 Las Vegas to Reno Corridor.

Highway Guides

For plenty of pictures of Interstate 580 and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Freeway, see:

Southern Terminus - Nevada 667/Neil Road (Del Monte Lane) - Reno, Nevada
Perspective from Interstate 580 and U.S. 395 north
Northbound U.S. 395/Interstate 580 approaching junction Nevada 667, Neil Road (Del Monte Lane), 2 1/2 miles. Nevada 667 is unsigned, as are all secondary state routes on overhead freeway signs in the Reno area. Photo taken by Mike Ballard in 1998.
Northern Terminus - Interstate 80 - Reno, Nevada
Perspective from Interstate 80 east
Eastbound Interstate 80 reaches Exit 15, Junction U.S. 395/Interstate 580 in Reno. This interchange marks the northern terminus of Interstate 580, which is currently not signed. Photo taken by Chris Elbert (03/19/05).
Once on the ramp from eastbound Interstate 80 to U.S. 395, the left lane connects to northbound U.S. 395, while the right lane connects to southbound U.S. 395. Photo taken by Chris Elbert (03/19/05).
Perspective from Interstate 580 and U.S. 395 south
Immediately after the Interstate 80 interchange is this sign bridge, which shows that the first two exits along southbound U.S. 395/Interstate 580 are Exit 67, Glendale Avenue and Exit 66, Mill Street. The exit numbers convey the mileage for U.S. 395; it is 67 miles from here south to the Nevada-California State Line. Photo taken by Chris Elbert (03/19/05).
Perspective from Interstate 580 and U.S. 395 north
Northbound U.S. 395/Interstate 580 at Mill Street, approaching Junction Interstate 80. Photo taken by Mike Ballard in 1998.
This Interstate 580 milepost is located near the northern terminus of the Interstate highway; it could be argued that the mileposts are the only current markers of Interstate 580 in the field currently. As is standard in Nevada, these white mileposts indicate the type of route (IR means Interstate), route number (580), mileage (it uses the U.S. 395 mileage), and county (WA means Washoe County). Photo taken by Mike Ballard (06/98).


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