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Interstate 110 Mississippi

Interstate 110 as it travels west of the downtown Biloxi area to the casino district. Planned MS-601/Possible Interstate 310 (Central Harrison Connector) appears to the west.


Interstate 110 is a short freeway spur linking Interstate 10 and Mississippi 67 at D'Iberville with U.S. 90 (Beach Boulevard) and downtown Biloxi. Interstate 110 includes one of the few drawbridges in the Interstate system, as it traverses the Back Bay of Biloxi between Exits 1D and 2. The southern mile of Interstate 110 entails a four-lane viaduct, with entrance ramps from eastbound U.S. 90 to northbound Interstate 110 elevated over a portion of the Gulf of Mexico. Mississippi 15 was cosigned with Interstate 110 for its entire length, but the March 2009 opening of new Mississippi 67 from D'Iberville to Mississippi 605 resulted in its truncation at Interstate 10. The freeway replaced the original route of MS-15 to the east.

Hurricane Katrina devastated the Biloxi and Gulfport area with its landfall on August 29, 2005. Long portions of U.S. 90 were virtually destroyed in the process, but Interstate 110 fared well and quickly reopened. Many of the signs within Biloxi for Interstate 110 were replaced, but otherwise the freeway remained unchanged.

Southbound Interstate 110 at the draw bridge signal on the the Back Bay of Biloxi Bridge. Photo taken by Steve Hanudel (08/14/05).

Future Construction

Road work to upgrade the Interstates 10 and 110 interchange, in its early planning stages, involves replacing the westbound to southbound loop with a new flyover, construction of an eastbound collector/distributor roadway on Interstate 10, and a new northbound off-ramp to an extension of Popps Ferry Road. A project map and other information was posted at MDOT's project web page but that is currently no longer hosted.

A separate project focuses on the replacement of the at-grade intersection of Mississippi 67 with Promenade Parkway / Sangani Boulevard at the Interstate 110 conclusion. The increasingly congested traffic light will be replaced with a new overpass and folded-diamond interchange. Work on the $7.3-million project commenced in late March 2012 and completion of the four-phase project is expected by July 2013.2


Interstate 110 fully opened to traffic between U.S. 90 and Interstate 10 in 1988.1

Highway Guides

Southern Terminus - U.S. 90 - Biloxi, Mississippi
Perspective from Interstate 110 south
Situated between Exits 4A/B with Interstate 10 and Exit 2 at D'Iberville is this end advisory sign for the southern terminus of Interstate 110. In this photograph is the diamond interchange that represents Exit 2, the Back Bay of Biloxi drawbridge, and one of the casinos that compose the city of Biloxi skyline. Photo taken by Chris Patriarca (06/25/03).
Interstate 110 southbound at the final mainline interchange, Exit 1C for Division Street. There are two folded diamond interchanges on Interstate 10 in the city of Biloxi, both of which serve I-110 southbound with return access to northbound. This sign bridge indicates that Exit 1A/B for U.S. 90 is one half mile to the south. The exit-only indication is a bit of a misnomer as both southbound lanes default onto U.S. 90 westbound. Photo taken by Chris Patriarca (06/25/03).
Interstate 110 Ends 1 Mile advisory sign on southbound with Exit 1B/A/U.S. 90 signage in the background. Interstate 110 15 is elevated along a viaduct from Exit 2 southward to the terminus. The sign was replaced (see 2005 photo). Photos taken 09/16/00 and by Steve Hanudel (08/14/05).
A look at the U.S. 90 overheads depicted in the background of the above photograph. The sign lighting fixtures are still operational. The sign lights in the city of Biloxi are the only ones apparently in the whole state to still function. Photo taken 10/14/03.
Partition of traffic between Exits 1B/A for U.S. 90. The southern terminus is a trumpet interchange with the unique situation with a portion of the ramps over the Gulf of Mexico. The eastbound U.S. 90 ramp forms one-half of the ramps over water. Photo taken 10/14/03.
A short distance after the split of U.S. 90 ramps in the above photo is an Interstate 110 Ends 1000 feet advisory sign. The ramp for eastbound U.S. 90 continues to the right with the northbound ramp from eastbound U.S. 90 to the left. Photo taken 10/14/03.
Curve warning overhead in anticipation to the hard right westbound U.S. 90 traffic must make to the merge ahead. This interchange was built in close quarters, with the westbound related ramps intersecting in a perpendicular fashion with U.S. 90. Photo taken 04/10/02.
At the merge to westbound U.S. 90 from Interstate 110 southbound with a closer perspective of the eastbound U.S. 90 related flyovers. Photo taken 04/10/02.
Interstate 110 crosses out into the Gulf of Mexico to accomplish the connection from southbound Interstate 110 to eastbound U.S. 90. This view shows the ramp from southbound Interstate 110 to eastbound U.S. 90 in Biloxi. Photo taken by Steve Hanudel (08/14/05).
Preparing to merge onto U.S. 90 eastbound from Interstate 110 southbound. This view looks at the beach and the adjacent Beau Rivage Casino. The sand along the Biloxi coastline is actually imported to provide for a tourist friendly beach. Otherwise the scene here would likely feature a muddy mixture of sand and clay. Photo taken 10/14/03.
Perspective from U.S. 90 east
U.S. 90 eastbound junction shield assembly for the joint southern terminus of Interstate 110. The scale of the interchange can be seen in this photograph, as it protrudes over the Gulf of Mexico. One of the many Biloxi casinos can be seen beyond the interchange. Photo taken 09/16/00.
Beginning of the northbound Interstate 110 ramp from U.S. 90 eastbound. Note that no cardinal directions or control cities are placed on this exit signage. Photo taken 09/16/00.
After the ramp to Interstate 110, this reassurance shield for eastbound U.S. 90 is posted. Photo taken by Steve Hanudel (08/14/05).
Looking south from eastbound U.S. 90, the ramps carrying Interstate 110 crosses out into the Gulf of Mexico to accomplish the connection from southbound Interstate 110 to eastbound U.S. 90. Photo taken by Steve Hanudel (08/14/05).
Perspective from U.S. 90 west
One fourth of a mile east of the Interstate 110 trumpet interchange on U.S. 90 westbound. The Beau Rivage hotel and casino complex can be seen to the left. The state of Mississippi allows for gambling, as along as the actual casino is located over water. With that stated, the casinos in Biloxi are actually floating, while the hotel portion of the complexes are built upon land. Sand must be siphoned from underneath the floating casinos on a continual basis. Photo taken by Chris Patriarca (06/25/03).
A closer look at the damaged guide sign for Interstate 110 and Mississippi 15 north on U.S. 90 west. Traffic is somewhat congested through this stretch due to tourism and military traffic due to Keesler A.F.B., and locals. Photo taken by Chris Patriarca (06/25/03).
Interstate 110/Mississippi 15 northbound exit signage on U.S. 90 westbound. The overhead is attached to the eastbound to northbound flyover. The ramp begins abruptly after the flyover. Photo taken 10/14/03.
Perspective from Interstate 110 north
The first northbound Interstate 110 reassurance shield. A hurricane evacuation trailblazer and associated Mississippi 15 shield accompany this assembly. Mississippi 15 was consistently signed along Interstate 110. In the background is the Division Street off-ramp from southbound and the U.S. 90 eastbound to I-110 northbound on-ramp. Photo taken by Chris Patriarca (06/25/03).
Northern Terminus - Interstate 10 - D'Iberville, Mississippi
Perspective from Interstate 110 north
Interstate 10 advance signage on Interstate 110 northbound. Widening from four to six lanes is presently underway along Interstate 10. Therefore a detour for Interstate 10 westbound traffic was in place at the time of this photograph (hence the tarp on the signage). Photo taken 04/10/02.
The detour no longer in effect, the 0.75 mile guide sign for Interstate 10/Exits 4A/B is unobstructed again. While the state of Alabama utilizes Pascagoula as the westbound control city, Mississippi uses Mobile from Gulfport and Biloxi eastward. Photo taken by Chris Patriarca (06/25/03).
Northbound Interstate 110 at Exit 4A for Interstate 10 eastbound. Construction for Interstate 10 ends at this interchange, but is slated to continue east to Exit 57 in the near future. This interchange is a full-cloverleaf. Photo taken 04/10/02.
The construction tarps now removed, the Exit 4A sign bridge of Interstate 110 north. The city limits of Mobile, Alabama are just 30 miles to the east of this ramp. Photo taken by Chris Patriarca (06/25/03).
An End Interstate 110 overhead is affixed to the Exit 4B/Interstate 10 westbound sign bridge. Mississippi 15, which overlapped for all of Interstate 110, continues northward from this interchange to Desoto National Forest. A traffic light awaits any travelers that continue northward past this cloverleaf ramp. Photo taken by Chris Patriarca (06/25/03).
Autumn view of the Interstate 110 end sign bridge at Exit 4B. Biloxi's counterpart Gulfport is 12 miles from this junction and the Crescent City is another 58 beyond the U.S. 49 interchange. Photo taken 11/07/99.
Traffic light caution sign and LED flasher for the Mississippi 15 traffic light north of Interstate 10/110. A variety of services are located at the intersection and associated service roads ahead. Photo taken by Chris Patriarca (06/25/03).
The intersection north of the Interstate 10/110 cloverleaf. Mississippi 15 quickly reduces to a two lane rural highway to the north and terminates at Mississippi 26 in rural Stone County. The state highway is split between two segments. The Biloxi routing is the southern. The northern segment can be found beginning at U.S. 98/Mississippi 198 near Beaumont. Photo taken by Chris Patriarca (06/25/03).
Perspective from Mississippi 67 south
Entering the cloverleaf interchange of Interstate 110 on Mississippi 67 south at Exit 4B/Interstate 10 west. This is a very busy interchange due to the Casinos of Biloxi, traffic to/from Keesler A.F.B and The Promenade shopping center (opened by 2009) . Photo taken by Chris Patriarca (01/19/03).
Traffic from southbound Mississippi 67 and from westbound Interstate 10 pass under this sign bridge at Exit 4A for Interstate 10 east. This is the first indication that one is given that this is now Interstate 110 southbound. Photo taken by Steve Hanudel (08/14/05).
Just beyond the cloverleaf interchange is the first reassurance shield southbound. Mississippi 15 was signed consistently with Interstate 110 throughout their former multiplex. Photos taken 04/10/02 and by Steve Hanudel (08/14/05).
Perspective from Interstate 10 west
Westbound interstate 10 signage for Interstate 110/Mississippi 15. On westbound Interstate 10, a collector/distributor lane facilitates traffic between the two Interstates. Photo taken 04/10/02.
Overhead signage on the collector/distributor lane for Exits 46B/A, at the Mississippi 67 northbound ramp. There was no control city for northbound Mississippi 15 due to the fact that the highway enters the Desoto National Forest en route to Mississippi 26. Photo taken 06/01.
Interstate 10 westbound c/d lane at Exit 46A for Interstate 110 southbound. There is no c/d lane on eastbound for the Exit 46 cloverleaf. Photo taken 06/01.
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Perspective from Interstate 10 east
The one mile guide sign for Interstate 110/Mississippi 15 on Interstate 10 east. Widening and resurfacing were almost complete at the time of this photograph. One slight change to the sign assembly occurred by 2004. The white on brown Casinos placards have been removed from Interstate 110 signs and replaced with white on blue placards with the word Beaches. Photo taken by Chris Patriarca (06/25/03).
Eastbound Interstate 10 as it approaches the Exit 46A/B cloverleaf interchange of Interstate 110 south. Interstate 10 underwent widening from four to six lanes in 2002. Eventually Interstate 10 will see its six lane section extend east to Exit 57 at Mississippi 57. Photo taken 12/28/02.
Interstate 110 southbound departs via Exit 46A from Interstate 10 east. The Exit 46B cloverleaf interchange with Mississippi 15 is ahead. Photo taken 12/28/02.
The six-laning project neared completion at the Interstate 110 northern terminus. Associated with this project is a new sign bridge for the Exit 46A/B interchange. Pictured here is the replacement of the assembly shown in the above photobox. Photo taken 10/14/03.
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  1. U.S. Highway 90 HIstory, MDOT.
  2. "MDOT to Soon Begin Major Coast Roadwork.", March 30, 2012.

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Mileage 4.10
Cities Biloxi-Gulfport
Junctions Interstate 10
Source: December 31, 2014 Interstate Route Log and Finders List
Traveling over the intersection of I-110 south and U.S. 90 along the northbound flyover ramp from Beach Boulevard east. Photo taken 04/05/12.