Interstate 110 Louisiana

Interstate 110 as it snakes through downtown northward to U.S. 61 and the Metro Airport.

Interstate 110 in Louisiana is the central arterial freeway connecting downtown Baton Rouge with the Baton Rouge Metro Airport and U.S. 61 north of the city. Much of the southern portion of this freeway is elevated. The U.S. 190 interchange (Exit 5) is notable for its symmetrical stack interchange. U.S. 190 provides for a second Mississippi River crossing in the Baton Rouge area and was considered for part of the original Interstate 410 freeway plan of the northern part of the capital city metropolitan area.


Interstate 110 was originally numbered Interstate 410, though that designation lasted just a short time. Interstate 410 was a planned loop from Interstate 10 northward through the Baton Rouge area.

Highway Guides

Southern Terminus - Interstate 10 - Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Perspective from Interstate 110 south
The Louisiana State Capital ahead, Interstate 110 pushes southward at Exit 1E/Capital Access Road. The first indication of the pending terminus at Interstate 10 is posted over the mainline. Photo taken by Chris Patriarca (04/13/03).
Southbound Interstate 110 approaching Junction Interstate 110 and its southern terminus. Note that the three main lanes exit directly onto eastbound Interstate 10, while the right exit leads to westbound Interstate 10, including the Mississippi River bridge. Photo taken 08/12/02.
LADOTD has replaced the Interstate 110 guide signs and original lighting fixtures with these new panels. Also added are exit tabs for the Interstate 110 respective exits. Exit 1I and 1J are assigned to the upcoming ramps. While the Louisiana 73 off-ramp is assigned Exit 1A, the ramps further north continue the northbound suffixes from Exit 1F for Exit 1G/Old Spanish Town Road and Exit 1H/Laurel Street. Note also the lane reconfiguration that eliminates the right-hand exit-only lane for Interstate 10 westbound (see above photograph). Photo taken 10/15/03.
Traffic from Convention Street merges onto Interstate 110 south as it nears Exit 1A for Louisiana 73. Louisiana 73 begins nearby at Louisiana 30/Saint Philip Street in downtown Baton Rouge. Photo taken 10/15/03.
Interstate 110 concludes at a stack interchange with Interstate 10. Interstate 10 enters from the west and turns south toward New Orleans and Gonzalez. Around the bend to the west is the last Baton Rouge interchange of Exit 155A with Louisiana 30. Photo taken by Chris Patriarca (04/13/03).
Lane restriping results in a reduction of the now Exit 1I ramp to Interstate 10 eastbound from three to two lanes. Note the new sign as well. Ahead and above is the sharp two lane Interstate 10 westbound mainline. The sign for Exit 1J is also new (out of view). Photo taken 10/15/03.
A look at the Interstate 110 southern terminus as seen from the Exit 155B ramp from Interstate 10 east to Interstate 110 north. A massive traffic jam was in progress due to an accident on Interstate 10 east nearby. Photo taken 08/12/02.
Perspective from Interstate 10 west
Westbound Interstate 10 approaching Junction Interstate 110 in Baton Rouge. This spur route is the primary route to industrial facilities located along the Mississippi River, the state government complexes (including the capital), the regional airport, Business Loop U.S. 61 (as evidenced by the shield to the left of the overhead signs), and the urban core. Interstate 10 and Interstate 110 carries a major amount of traffic, and due to the fact that both roads are primarily elevated viaducts in this immediate area, the shoulders can be substandard to non-existent. Traffic backups are frequent, and alert signage is in place for through traffic. Photo taken 08/12/02.
These signs were replaced with those depicted in the above photograph. Note that the exit tab is no longer centered with the Exit 155B sign replacement and that the lighting fixtures and assemblies were also removed. Vidcap taken 01/96.
Westbound Interstate 10 approaching Interstate 110 northbound. The skyscaper-esque Louisiana State Capitol Building is the tall, needle-like building in the distance. Travelers must take Interstate 110 north to reach the state capitol. The truck restriction on Interstate 10 westbound is due to the upcoming Mississippi River Bridge. Photo taken 08/12/02.
Westbound Interstate 10 at Junction Northbound Interstate 110. Note that mainline traffic along Interstate 10 must slow to 35 mph, while traffic along Interstate 110 may continue at the speed limit (50 miles per hour). This marks the southern terminus of Interstate 110 in Louisiana. Traffic remains heavy along northbound Interstate 110 at least through U.S. 190, which connects to the other Mississippi River Bridge. Photo taken 08/12/02.
Another view of the Interstate 110/Exit 155B guide sign at the split of Interstate 110 north from Interstate 10. The Business U.S. 61 trailblazer to the right refers to one of the main routes into downtown Baton Rouge from Interstate 110. Vidcap taken 01/96.
Next Three Interstate Junctions for Interstate 10 west
Interstate 49 52 miles at Lafayette, LA
Interstate 210 121 miles at Lake Charles, LA
Interstate 210 130 miles at Sulphur, LA
Perspective from Interstate 110 north
The first exit on northbound Interstate 110 is for Louisiana 73. The first four exits lead to downtown Baton Rouge, and they are all within the first mile of Interstate 110 northbound. Photo taken 08/12/02.
Perspective from Interstate 10 east
Two-mile guide sign for Exit 155B/Interstate 110 north. The exit for Interstate 110 is not the next in line, but because of its significance for downtown Baton Rouge, it is mentioned here. The ramp to the right serves the Louisiana 1 interchange for the towns of Port Allen and Plaquemine. Photo taken by Eric Stuve (12/17/02).
Descending from the Mississippi River Bridge on Interstate 10 eastbound. Exit 155A serves Louisiana 30 and Louisiana State University and is the first Baton Rouge exit of Interstate 10. The split with Interstate 110 is situated just one mile east. Photo taken by Eric Stuve (12/17/02).
Eastbound Interstate 10 approaching Junction Interstate 110, one-half mile. The actual interchange is visible in the distance. Interstate 12 is mentioned on area guide signs because that exit is only four miles east of here. Photo taken 08/12/02.
Night-time view of the diagram sign for Interstate 10/12/110 on Interstate 10 eastbound depicted in the above photograph. Vidcap taken 01/96.
A wintertime perspective of the half-mile diagrammatic sign on Interstate 10 eastbound. Another 75 miles of Interstate 10 separate Interstate 110 from the city limits of New Orleans. Photo taken by Eric Stuve (12/17/02).
These two photos show the actual interchange between eastbound Interstate 10 and northbound Interstate 110. The first photo shows the context view of the entire interchange, while the second photo shows the actual signage in place at the gore point. On this day, an accident just east of here caused eastbound Interstate 10 to be backed up, so taking northbound Interstate 110 to avoid the traffic and see more of Baton Rouge was a natural thing to do. Photos taken 08/12/02.
Another wintertime perspective of Interstate 110 from Interstate 10 eastbound. Natchez, Mississippi, the eventual northern control city of Interstate 110 via the connection with U.S.61, is 90 miles to the north at this point. Photo taken by Eric Stuve (12/17/02).
Next Five Interstate Junctions for Interstate 10 east
Interstate 12 4 miles at Baton Rouge, LA
Interstate 55 54 miles at LaPlace, LA
Interstate 310 65 miles at Kenner, LA
Interstate 610 75 miles at New Orleans, LA
Interstate 49
Interstate 910
79 miles at downtown New Orleans, LA
Northern Terminus - U.S. 61 - Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Perspective from U.S. 61 south
Southbound U.S. 61 approaching Interstate 110 southbound. This standalone shield acts as a trailblazer directing traffic onto the transition ramp from U.S. 61 onto Interstate 110 southbound. Photo taken 08/12/02.
U.S. 61 southbound at the Interstate 110 southbound ramp. U.S. 61 will again encounter Interstate 110 at the Exit 5 symmetrical stack interchange. The bridge in the background is a pedestrian overpass. Photo taken 10/13/03.
The first Interstate 110 southbound reassurance shield is posted just after the U.S. 61 ramps merge together. Ahead Interstate 110 elevates for a short viaduct near the Baton Rouge Metro Airport. The sign in the background proclaims the freeway as the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Expressway. Photo taken 10/13/03.
Perspective from Interstate 110 north
Northbound Interstate 110 at Exit 8, Louisiana 19. The next exit (Exit 8A-B) is for U.S. 61, and the rest of Interstate 110 is mostly an off-ramp connecting to U.S. 61. Photo taken 08/12/02.
Northbound Interstate 110 approaching Junction U.S. 61. This is Scenic Highway, and it leads north to Natchez and south toward New Orleans (via Airline Highway). The control city for Interstate 110 north of the airport is Natchez. Photo taken 08/12/02.
A rarity in Louisiana, this yellow sign indicates that Interstate 110 ends and that traffic must take either U.S. 61 north or south. Generally speaking, Louisiana does not sign the ends of its highways. Photo taken 08/12/02.
Interstate 110 ends at this junction with U.S. 61. This marks the northern terminus of Interstate 110 in Louisiana. Photo taken 08/12/02.

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