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Interstate Business Route 95

Interstate 95 has just two active business routes, one each in Georgia and North Carolina.

Location Status Description
Brunswick Decom. Business Loop I-95 used to serve Brunswick and the Golden Isles between old Exits 6 and 8. It was cosigned with U.S. 17 and Georgia 25 but now no signs are posted along the route. The route returned to Interstate 95 via Georgia 25 Connector. The Chamber of Commerce brochure from the early 1990s showed Business Loop I-95 on its color map of the area.
Darien Decommissioned/ Remnant Signage Business Loop Interstate 95 followed Georgia 99 east from Exit 42 to U.S. 17 north through the city of Darien. It re-connected with Interstate 95 (Exit 49) via Georgia 251. The loop appears on the 2013 Georgia Highway Map, but is only signed on southbound guide signs at Exit 49. The lone shield at the split of GA 99 south from U.S. 17 south was replaced with an I-95 trailblazer by December 2013.
See Georgia @ AARoads - Business Loop I-95 - Darien for photos of the route.
Fayetteville Active Business Loop I-95 loops west of I-95 through Fayetteville between Exits 40 and 56. The route varies between arterial and freeway as the original through route of U.S. 301 through the city. Business Loop I-95 was established by the late 1970s.
See North Carolina @ AARoads - Business Loop Interstate 95 - Fayetteville for photos of the route.
Wilson/ Rocky Mount Decom. What was a lengthy route, the Kenly-Wilson-Rocky Mount business loop for I-95 was established in the late 1970s and decommissioned in 1988. The route overlayed U.S. 301 from Kenly north to NC 4 near Battleboro, and NC 4 west back to I-95. Guide signs along the U.S. 64 freeway in Wilson alluded to the former Business Loop I-95 with a blank space to the left of U.S. 301 Business for Exit 468A.
Emporia Decommissioned JP Nasiatka writes us that a Business Loop for I-95 used U.S. 301 through Emporia when the freeway ended north of of the city in the 1970s. He states that there was at least one Business shield for I-95 posted at the intersection of U.S. 58 and 301 and that U.S. 301 was split with a Bypass component along what is now I-95 between Exits 8 and 12. The U.S. 301 mainline followed Business I-95 from a wye interchange (Exit 12) southward through the city.
Wilmington Proposed but never implemented In the late 1990s, a proposal was floated to replace I-495 with I-95 and to renumber Interstate 95 through Wilmington as Business Loop I-95 (or I-195). This proposal preceded a pair of three-month shutdowns in 2000 along I-95 north of Wilmington for reconstruction. The switch was never implemented.
Bristol Decom. Christopher Sampang saw on a Goshua 1982 atlas a map of Pensylvania showing a proposed freeway (Spur I-95/Spur US 13) extending east from I-95 north to Bristol and U.S. 13. This freeway proposal was a remnant of an unbuilt freeway corridor planned for I-95 from current Exit 40 to the U.S. 13 corridor near Morrisville.1 The Spur I-95 reference was likely an error on the cartographer's part.
Mystic Decom. According to Michael Summa, "There was also a BUS-SPUR 95 signed in CT (in the early to mid-1970s) at or near Mystic. I cannot recall the exact exit (I THINK it was 90) as I couldn't come up with a photo, same as I missed out on the green 84 shield. Unlike the markings at the (Business) 84 location (in Newtown, CT), the 95 was marked with a larger 36" button copy green 95 shield. Since I never got to travel the route itself I can't be certain of how well it was signed off the interstate."

Interstate Business Route 195

Location Status Description
Miami Beach, Florida Decom. Briefly in the 1960s, "Spur Interstate 195" existed along today's Florida 112 through Miami Beach between Florida 907 and Florida A1A (Collins Avenue). A photo of this signage appears in an annual report published by the Florida Department of Transportation during this era. Today, the route is entirely signed as Florida 112.

Interstate Business Route 495

Location Status Description
Glen Echo, Maryland Unsigned/ Active Spur I-495 is noted in the Maryland route log as Interstate 495X, and it is a freeway to freeway connector between Interstate 495 southbound (inner) and the Clara Barton Parkway. This route is known as Cabin John Parkway, and it begins at Exit 40. The entire route is limited access.
Lowell, Massachusetts Decom. Business Spur I-495 is the former freeway spur from Interstate 495 and U.S. 3 into Lowell. The business route is locally called the "Lowell Connector," and it is a limited-access freeway at near-Interstate standards with a 55 mph speed limit. It is within about 1,000-1,500 feet that the speed drops to 35 mph, just before Exit 5A. Shortly after Exit 5B comes up, and all other traffic is on Exit 5C and coming to a stop light. The signing for Business Spur I-495 along the Lowell Connector is spotty at best along this road and may be completely gone, but it was in place in previous years. Somnolent adds, "Officially this is no longer a Interstate 495 spur, it is just the Lowell Connector. They probably did this because it serves U.S. 3 traffic just as much as it serves Interstate 495. I am under the impression that Exit 5C was once called Exit 6, because there are two blue service signs claiming there is lodging available at Exit 6. But it appears that these signs are newer than the signs for Exit 5C. Judging by the date on the bridgework, the Lowell Connector was built as part of the first Interstate 495 phase in 1959-1960, which had Interstate 495 running from State Route 2 to U.S. 3. It is at U.S. 3 that the Lowell Connector begins, so it could have been considered a continuation of Interstate 495 into Lowell at the time. Interstate spur or not, this short stretch of freeway makes life much easier for Lowell, providing quick access from downtown and the University of Massachusetts to the highways." Gordon Murphy adds that there is a similar road off of Exit 4 of the Maine Turnpike portion of Interstate 95 (the Biddeford Connector). And still more on Business Spur I-495 from Jason R Remy: "Business Spur I-495 in Lowell Mass is a partial fallacy, as it is unmarked as such. Though it may exist on paper, no signs or markers, directional or otherwise, have existed for this road during the span of my life. The road that is officially Business Spur I-495 is actually an unnumbered, sub-Interstate grade expressway named "The Lowell Connector" It is unique in New England, as this highway bears NO markers for route numbers at all, even state ones. Recent upgrades of the Lowell Connector, including new signs and such, have been made concurrent with the refurbishing of signs along U.S. 3, Interstate 495, and Interstate 290 in Mass. Many Massachusetts two-part exits have been renumbered from the old E-W/N-S designation to the more national A/B standard, though many old guide signs still list them under the old N-S/E-W designation. These Lowell Connector upgrades may be signs that the expressway may actually get a number (imagine that) of some sort. Also, this is one of the most useful roads I know of, as a city like Lowell would otherwise be potentially cut off from any expressway access without it."

Interstate Business Route 895

Location Status Description
Baltimore, Maryland Active Spur I-895 provides a connection from I-895 (Harbor Tunnel Thruway) south to both Interstate 97 and Maryland 2 (Ritchie Highway) and from those routes north to the Harbor Tunnel. A lone Spur shield assembly was posted at the wye interchange with I-895 south, but was removed by 2007. Ground level signs posted along both prongs of the spur northbound reference only the connection with I-895 north.
See Maryland @ AARoads - Interstate 895 Spur for photos of the toll road.
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