Interstate H2


Interstate H-2 winds northward from Pearl City and Waipahu to Wahiawa and Wheeler Army Airfield. The route primary serves commuting interests between central Oahu and and Honolulu while providing part of a through route with Hawaii 99 (Kamehameha Highway) to the north shore.

Even though it carries an even number, Interstate H-2 travels north-south. Most button copy signs in Hawaii were replaced by 2010. Photo taken by Jeff Royston (02/05/06).

I-H2 starts out parallel to Panakauahi Gulch just east of Waipio. Beyond there, an undeveloped stretch ensues before the freeway curves west across Kipapa Stream through built up areas of Mililani Town and Waipi'o Acres. Crossing a viaduct above Waikakalaua Stream and Waikalani Drive, H2 winds northward through western reaches of Schofield Barracks to encircle Wheeler AAF and end as Wilikina Drive (Hawaii 99) ahead of Kunia Road (Hawaii 750).


Interstate H-2 was included in the 51.2 miles of freeway added to the Eisenhower Interstate and Defense Highway System in 1960.1 Construction on I-H2 commenced in 1972 and was finished in 1975.

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Southern Terminus - Interstate H-1 - Pearl City, Hawaii
Perspective from Interstate H-2 south
Southbound Interstate H-2 ends in Pearl City at this left merge onto Interstate H-1. Photo taken by Oscar Voss, 11/01.
Perspective from Interstate H-1 east
Eastbound Interstate H-1 approaches its junction with northbound Interstate H-2, two miles. Photo taken by Jeff Royston, 02/01/06.
Perspective from Interstate H-1 west
Westbound Interstate H-1 and northbound Interstate H-2 split at this interchange. Interstate H-2 turns north toward Wahiawa, while Interstate H-1 continues west toward Waipahu and Barbers Point. Photo taken by Jeff Royston, 02/02/06.
Northern Terminus - Hawaii 99 - Wahiawa, Hawaii
Perspective from Interstate H-2 north
Northbound Interstate H-2 merges onto Northbound Hawaii 99 (Wilikina Drive). The End Freeway sign marks the northern terminus, and Hawaii 99 shields are visible just beyond the end freeway signage. Photo taken by Oscar Voss, 11/01.


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