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Interstate 905 is the future designation for current California 905, an east-west highway across Otay Mesa in southern San Diego. California 905 is a freeway from its western terminus at Interstate 5 east to Siempre Viva Road and the International Border.

A major commercial route, California 905 is the main gateway for trucks into Mexico, as trucks are prohibited at the Interstate 5/805 Port of Entry. Despite completion of the freeway from I-5 to the border on July 30, 2012, California remains a state route.

Per an agreement between Caltrans and the Federal Highway Administration, it is expected that SR 905 be upgraded to I-905 in the future. Interstate 905 was approved by the AASHTO at the Route Numbering Committee Meeting held on December 7, 1984.

Future Aspirations

Upgrading of California 905 was originally slated for 2006 or 2007, but funding constraints partitioned road work into four separate projects. $441-million in road work started in April 2008 with construction of Phase 1A, building of a six-lane freeway between Siempre Viva Road and Britannia Boulevard.1 This work focused on a new alignment south of Otay Mesa Road and the upgrading of California 905 from Exit 9 north to Airway Road. It was completed in December 2010.

Phase 1B, from July 2009 to July 30, 2012, followed with construction of a new six-lane freeway from Britannia Boulevard west to the previous freeway end near Interstate 805. Phase 2 focused on improvements at the I-805 and SR 905 interchange, with work between May 2011 and February 2012.1

Phases 3 and 4, estimated to cost $163 million, remain future projects. Planned work involves building of a new interchange with California 125 and completion of the Heritage interchange ramp.1 Currently California 125 (South Bay Expressway) ends at a half-diamond interchange with Otay Mesa Road. A high-speed interchange with the new freeway is planned.

For more on the California 905 project, visit the Caltrans District 11 web page California 905 Fact Sheet (PDF).

High Priority Corridor

Future Interstate 905 is part of High Priority Corridor 30: Camino Real for its entire length.

Highway Guides

Western Terminus - Interstate 5 - San Ysidro (San Diego), California
Perspective from California 905 east
Eastbound California 905 begins at Oro Vista Road, just west of Interstate 5. A Begin east California 905 shield assembly resides on the mainline just east of Oro Vista Road traffic light. Photo taken 07/12/09.
California 905 immediately interchanges with Interstate 5 after passing by the Oro Vista Road traffic light. Photo taken 08/21/04.
California 905 east at the northbound loop ramp to Interstate 5. The overhead Otay Mesa Road is technically correct, since eastbound California 905 transitions onto Otay Mesa Road east of Interstate 805. However, a California 905 shield would be more appropriate here. Photo taken 08/21/04.
Perspective from California 905 west
This is the first sign for the approaching junction with Interstate 5 as seen from the westbound Otay Mesa Freeway. The intervening exit along westbound California 905 is Beyer boulevard, which is actually Historic U.S. 101! Photo taken 07/12/09.
Westbound California 905 approaching northbound Interstate 5 (left lanes) to downtown and southbound Interstate 5 (right lanes) to Tijuana. Photo taken 07/12/09.
The California 905 westbound mainline defaults onto Interstate 5 north. A separate ramp continues the state route west to Interstate 5 south and the freeway end at Oro Vista Road to the right. Photo taken 07/12/09.
Continuing west on the freeway, California 905 sees a loop ramp to Interstate 5 south to San Ysidro and the international border. The mainline defaults onto Tocayo Avenue west at Oro Vista Road. Photo taken 07/12/09.
Button copy end freeway sign posted at the ramp split between Tocayo Avenue west and Interstate 5 south. Technically the freeway continues another half mile, as evidenced by the advisory sign in the background. Photo taken 07/12/09.
End West California 905 shield assembly posted ahead of the Oro Vista Road traffic light. Oro Vista Road connects the freeway end with subdivisions to the south and duplexes to the north. Tocayo Avenue continues west to Hollister Street and a suburban end nearby. Photo taken 07/12/09.
Perspective from Interstate 5 north
The first sign of California 905 (Exit 3) resides at the Exit 2 partial cloverleaf interchange with San Ysidro Boulevard. Dairy Mart Road travels north from Exit 2 to the Beyer Boulevard interchange with California 905 (Otay Mesa Freeway). Photo taken 07/18/04.
When reflective signs first went up for the California 905 interchange along Interstate 5 north, panels prematurely referred to the state route as an Interstate highway. The Interstate designation is the ultimate goal for the road, but upgrading to interstate standards remains several years away. Photo taken by Andy Field and Casey Cooper (09/01/03).
Exit 3 departs Interstate 5 as a collector distributor roadway for California 905 east and Tocayo Avenue west via the freeway end. Photo taken 07/18/04.
Like the one-half mile panel, the overhead at the Exit 3 off-ramp also briefly displayed an Interstate 905 shield. Photo taken by Andy Field and Casey Cooper (09/01/03).
Once on the exit ramp, traffic may access eastbound Interstate 905 or westbound Tocayo Avenue. While a westerly extension of Interstate 905 through Border Field State Park and the Tia Juana River Valley is proposed legislatively, such an extension is very unlikely given environmental concerns. Photo taken 07/18/04.
Perspective from Interstate 5 south
Three quarters of a mile north of the directional-cloverleaf interchange with California 905 (Otay Mesa Freeway) on Interstate 5 south at Exit 4 (Coronado Avenue). Trucks may not use the San Ysidro Port of Entry along Southbound Interstate 5; they must use the Otay Mesa Port of Entry accessible via eastbound California 905/Future Interstate 905. Photo taken 08/21/04.
Interstate 5 gains a southbound lane between Exit 4 and the Exit 3 off-ramp to California 905 (Otay Mesa Freeway). Exit 3 also serves Tocayo Avenue west via the California 905 westbound freeway end. The fence that separates traffic lanes along Interstate 5 is designed to keep pedestrians from crossing the freeway and putting themselves into harm's way; signs around this area are posted to warn motorists to watch for pedestrians. Photo taken 05/22/04.
Southbound Interstate 5 at the Exit 3 off-ramp to California 905 east and Tocayo Avenue west. California 905 leads east to the Otay Mesa Port of Entry via the Otay Mesa community and Brown Field. Tocayo Avenue leads west from here into San Ysidro. Presently California 905 consists of a full freeway between Oro Vista Road and Interstate 805. Photo taken 05/22/04.
A look at the original button copy signs for the California 905 and Tocayo Avenue interchange. Photo taken by Andy Field, Casey Cooper, and Joel Windmiller (06/10/00).
A high flyover carries drivers onto California 905 east. Presently the road exists partially as a freeway and partially as a six-lane surface arterial. Upgrading of the highway to limited access standards is underway as of 2009 from Britannia Boulevard to the Siempre Viva Road interchange. The remainder of the route is unfunded at this time. Photo taken 05/22/04.
Eastern Terminus - International Border - Otay Mesa Port of Entry (San Diego), California
Perspective from California 905 east
California 905 shield posted as the road approaches the former intersection with Airway Road. Construction is underway to extend the freeway northwestward to Britannia Boulevard. Photo taken 07/12/09.
All trucks must take Siempre Viva Road to enter Mexico, as the commercial port of entry is separated from the main port of entry. Photo taken 07/12/09.
Guns are illegal in Mexico as evidenced by this sign along eastbound. In 2000, a Marine tested this theory, and he enjoyed a night in the Tijuana Jail. Note also in this scene a mast arm assembly left over from the removed traffic lights at Airway Road. Construction nearby is underway to elevate California 905 above the east-west road. Photo taken 07/12/09.
California 905 was upgraded to freeway standards from the port of entry to the Exit 9 partial-cloverleaf interchange with Siempre Viva Road in fall 2005. Siempre Viva Road connects the state route with the commercial port of entry to the east and a number of warehouses and shipping facilities. Photo taken 07/12/09.
Beyond the Exit 9 off-ramp, all traffic defaults to the Otay Mesa Port of Entry into Tijuana, Mexico. Photo taken 07/12/09.
Just south of the Siempre Viva Road on-ramp, Future Interstate 905 enters the port of entry. There is one U-turn available for travelers not wishing to enter Mexico; however, all others enter Mexico in the Otay Mesa section of Tijuana, just east of Rodriguez Field, the international airport for Tijuana. Photo taken 07/12/09.
Perspective from California 905 west
California 905 leaves the Otay Mesa port of entry and quickly enters the Exit 9 partial-cloverleaf interchange with Siempre Viva Road. This interchange was added in fall 2005, replacing an at-grade intersection. Photo taken 07/12/09.
Welcome to California sign, posted within the Siempre Viva Road interchange for motorists entering the U.S. from Mexico. Photo taken 07/12/09.
Continuing north, California 905 drivers approach the former intersection with Airway Drive that was removed during 2009 construction to upgrade Otay Mesa Road into a full freeway. This mileage sign highlights the distances to Interstate 805 and 5. Photo taken 07/12/09.


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