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Interstate 865 is a short connector route between Interstate 65 and Interstate 465 northwest of Indianapolis, known locally as "the dogleg." This freeway provides a connection from Interstate 65 southbound to Interstate 465 eastbound and from Interstate 465 westbound to Interstate 65 northbound. The route was commissioned to alleviate confusion with having Interstate 465 radiate outwards in three different directions from one interchange.


The dogleg of I-465 was approved as an addition to Interstate 465 by AASHTO on June 30, 1970.

Signage for Interstate 865 was installed by May 2002. Approval from AASHTO came later by November 5, 2002 when the Route Numbering subcommittee of AASHTO approved the creation of Interstate 865 between Interstate 65 at Royalton and Interstate 465 near Zionsville.

Planned Improvements

There are no interchanges on Interstate 865 at this time. However, there has been talk about adding an interchange at Copper Road.

Highway Guides

Western Terminus - Interstate 65 - Royalton, Indiana
Perspective from Interstate 865/U.S. 52 west
Traffic from westbound Interstate 865 directly merges onto northbound Interstate 65 at a partial wye interchange. U.S. 52 north makes this connection and continues along Interstate 65 north to Lebanon. Photo taken 10/16/04.
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Perspective from Interstate 65 south
Posted ahead of Exit 130 (former Indiana 334 / Oak Street) is the first sign of for Interstate 865 east, 2.5 miles out from the partial wye interchange (Exit 129). Photo taken by Thomas Decker (03/24/11).
Exit 129 for Interstate 865 simply displays a trailblazer for Interstate 465 east. Access is also available to Interstate 465 south to Park 100 from I-865. Photo taken by Thomas Decker (03/24/11).
Interstate 65 southbound was expanded to four overall lanes between Exit 130 (Oak Street) and the split with Interstate 865 east (Exit 129) in 2010. Photo taken by Thomas Decker (03/24/11).
Pictured here is the southbound split with U.S. 52 for Interstate 865 east to Interstate 465 for Carmel, Allisonville and Castleton. Photo taken by Thomas Decker (03/24/11).
For additional photos from this perspective, see the Interstate 65 South - Boone & Hendricks Counties guide.
Historical Perspective from Interstate 65 south
This series of photos shows some of the signage of how this interchange was signed before Interstate 865 was created in 2002. Photo taken by Brian Dowd (04/20/02).
All US Highways and State Roads are routed onto the Indianapolis Beltway to bypass the city. U.S. 52 is no exception, using Interstate 865 east to the inner loop of Interstate 465 to Exit 47. Photo taken by Brian Dowd (04/20/02).
A look at the original one half mile sign bridge posted for Interstate 65 & U.S. 52 south at the Dogleg of Interstate 465. This assembly was replaced with widening of I-65 in 2010. Photo taken by Brian Dowd (04/20/02).
Overheads that were posted on Interstate 65 southbound at the Interstate 465 Dogleg. Acknowledgement of U.S. 52 east was removed in new sign assemblies posted in 2010. Photo taken by Brian Dowd (04/20/02).
Eastern Terminus - Interstate 465 - Zionsville, Indiana
Perspective from Interstate 865 east
An unnumbered directional interchange concludes Interstate 865 east at the northwest corner of Interstate 465. U.S. 52 continues from I-865 east onto the beltway headed east along the Hamilton and Marion County line. Photo taken 11/05/09.
Interstate 465 south passes through the Park 100 area of Indianapolis through to Eagle Creek Park while eastbound continues to Carmel and Castleton. Photo taken by Jeff Morrison (08/06/05).
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Perspective from Interstate 465 west
Leaving the interchange with U.S. 421 (Exit 27), Interstate 465 next meets the westbound beginning of Interstate 865 (Exit 25). Photo taken 10/16/04.
Interstate 465 turns south at the Exit 25 off-ramp onto Interstate 865 west. U.S. 52 leaves the beltway for the 4.7-mile route to Interstate 65 north. Photo taken 10/16/04.
The Interstate 465 mainline follows a two-lane directional ramp at the split with Interstate 865 west (Exit 25). Photo taken 10/16/04.
Historical Perspective from Interstate 465 west
A look at original overhead signs posted at the left-hand ramp to Interstate 865 west and U.S. 52 north from the outer loop of Interstate 465. Photo taken by Brian Dowd (04/20/02).
Perspective from Interstate 465 north
Just north of the Marion County line, Interstate 465 meets the end of Interstate 865 where the beltway turns east along the North Side of Indianapolis. Photo taken 11/05/09.
Interstate 865 and unsigned U.S. 52 link the beltway with Interstate 65 north to Lebanon, Lafayette and Gary. Photo taken 11/05/09.
Exit 25 departs Interstate 465 north as a left-hand ramp for I-865 & U.S. 52 west as the beltway turns east toward Carmel and Interstate 69. Photo taken 11/05/09.

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