Interstate 795 Maryland


Named the Northwest Expressway, Interstate 795 serves Reistertown and Westminster and other suburbs to the north of Baltimore. The freeway is six lanes wide between Interstate 695 and Owings Mill (Exit 4) and four lanes between Exit 4 and the northern terminus at Reistertown. The southernmost four miles travels alongside the Baltimore Metro transit line. The Metro lines the median between mileposts 1 and 4. The Owings Mills directional interchange serves the Owings Mills Metro Station and Owings Mills Town Center Mall.


AASHTO approved the designation of Interstate 795 on June 25, 1979 from Randallstown northwest to Owings Mill. Within the Baltimore Beltway, Interstate 795 was originally planned to enter the city of Baltimore following the Metro line to Wabash Avenue southeast through the Mount Hope and Forest Park neighborhoods. The Northwest Expressway extension however was not constructioned and Wabash Avenue was instead constructed as a six-lane surface arterial. Plans for the freeway inside the beltway were dropped by the early 1980s.

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Southern Terminus - Interstate 695 - near Pikesville, Maryland
Perspective from Interstate 795 south
Southern terminus of Interstate 795 southbound at the Baltimore Beltway (Interstate 695). At one time, the freeway was to have extended into Baltimore city with a terminus at Northern Parkway. Local objection ultimately curtailed this project, leaving Interstate 795 with this directional interchange at Interstate 695. The Baltimore subway line runs underneath this interchange, with a station just to the south. Photo taken 06/00.
Perspective from Interstate 695 north
Interstate 695/Baltimore Beltway northbound upcoming exits sign featuring the first mentioning of Interstate 795. The exit sign for Maryland 26/Exit 18 retains button copy lettering. Photo taken by Tim Reichard (02/24/02).
Interstate 695/Baltimore Beltway northbound with Exit 19 signage for Interstate 795. The next interchange is that for Maryland 140 (former U.S. 140), the route that Interstate 795 replaced to the northwest. Photo taken 10/01.
Drawing closer to Interstate 795 on Interstate 695/Baltimore Beltway north. Note the truck restriction placed on Interstate 795. The first four miles of the Northwest Expressway is three lanes per direction, so the restriction does not prevent truckers from passing. Photo taken 10/01.
Northbound beginning of Interstate 795 from Interstate 695/ Baltimore Beltway northbound. This interchange is almost stacked, with the Baltimore Metro line also passing underneath from the northwest to southeast. The line continues southeastward roughly paralleling Maryland 140 before turning to the east near downtown. Photo taken 10/01.
Same scene in the above photograph, with Interstate 795 beginning from Interstate 695. The Baltimore Metro emerges from below the interchange to the north, and passes within the north and southbound lanes through to the Owings Mills Station (north end of the line) at Exit 4. Photo taken by Tim Reichard (02/24/02).
Perspective from Interstate 795 north
First northbound reassurance shield, placed just after the Interstate 695 north and westbound ramp merge. The state name is posted on this shield, which is one of several along the main line of Interstate 795. The first four miles of the Northwest Expressway retain a concrete surface. Photo taken by Tim Reichard (02/24/02).
Northern Terminus - Maryland 140 - Reistertown, Maryland
Perspective from Interstate 795 north
Last two exits on Interstate 795 northbound. Traffic for Maryland 140 actually proceeds a bit further then the Maryland 30 ramps. A Interstate 795 reassurance shield is located on the two lane ramp for Maryland 140, which merges with Maryland 140 from the left. Photo taken 06/00.
Prepare! Freeway Ends - X Roads advisory sign on Interstate 795 Northbound. Photo taken 10/01.
Prepare! Interstate 795 Freeway Ends advisory sign. These warning signs were not in place during 2000. Photo taken 10/01.
Detail of the above Pictured end advisory sign. The southern four miles of Interstate 795 were opened to traffic before the northern segment was complete. This may help explain the switch in surface from concrete to the south to asphalt to the north. Photo taken by Tim Reichard (02/24/02).
The northern terminus of Interstate 795 branches between these two exits. The mainline continues to Maryland 140, with an access road connecting Maryland 140 in close proximity to Maryland 30. Hanover is a Pennsylvania control city, located 27 miles to the north via Maryland 30/Pennsylvania 94. Photo taken by Tim Reichard (02/24/02).
End of the Exit 9B ramp, with an access road to Maryland 30 continuing eastward. Note the guide sign to the right with the Maryland control cities of Hampstead and Manchester for Maryland 30. Glyndon is a local community that is situated on Maryland 128 (which the access road becomes east of Maryland 30). Photo taken by Tim Reichard (02/24/02).
The north end of the aforementioned access road is Pictured in this photograph. The southbound Maryland 30 perspective is shown, with the western terminus of Maryland 128 to the left. To continue straight south on Maryland 30 will take traffic to the terminus with Maryland 140 at the heart of Reisterstown. To the right is the access road, which intersects Maryland 140 before becoming Interstate 795 south. Photo taken by Tim Reichard (02/24/02).
Here is the intersection with Maryland 140 via the access road southbound. Continuing straight will take traffic directly onto Interstate 795 southbound. Photo taken by Tim Reichard (02/24/02).
Exit 9A merge of Interstate 795 North to Maryland 140 West. The below photo looks in the opposite direction at the same location. Incidentally, Maryland 140 was originally U.S. 140, a route linking Baltimore to Gettysburg. The former routing of U.S. 140 continues northwest of here to Westminster, where it follows Maryland/Pennsylvania 97 to Gettysburg. For some reason Maryland relocated Maryland 140 to a more Western trajectory to Emmitsburg and U.S. 15. Photo taken 10/01.
Perspective from Maryland 140 east
Eastbound Maryland 140 at the beginning of Interstate 795 near Reisterstown. To continue on Maryland 140, traffic is directed to exit to the right. This routing takes traffic over Interstate 795 to the intersection of Maryland 30. The end of the northbound roadway is beyond this scene. Photo taken 06/00.
Perspective from Interstate 795 south
Similiar to the first northbound shield, this first southbound shield retains the state name. It is situated at the merge of the Exit 9A and 9B ramps from the north. Photo taken by Tim Reichard (02/24/02).

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Additional Info

State Maryland
Mileage 8.99
Cities Baltimore, Pikeville, Owings Mill
Junctions I-695
Source: December 31, 2016 Interstate Route Log and Finders List
I-795 Maryland Annual Average Daily Traffic

From: To: AADT Composite
Exit 1AB/ I-695 Exit 4 /Owings Mills Bl 116,075
Exit 4/ Owings Mills Bl Exit 7/ MD 140 67,675
Exit 7/ MD 140 Exit 9AB/ MD 30-140 Reisterstown 53,575
Source: 2002 AADTS Report (Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration - Highway Information Services Division)
Baltimore street atlas pages showing initial construction for Interstate 795 in 1984.