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State New York
Mileage 2.41
Cities Utica
Junctions Interstate 90/ New York State Thruway
Source: December 31, 2016 Interstate Route Log and Finders List
Interstate 790 Annual Average Daily Traffic

County From: To: AADT Composite
Oneida NY 5-8-12 & NY 5A-5S NY 5S ramps 23,900
Oneida NY 5S ramps NY 5 & 49 ramp 44,000
Oneida NY 5 & 49 ramp NY 8 & 12 north 23,300
Oneida NY 8 & 12 north I-790 eastbound ramp merge 16,100
Oneida I-790 eastbound ramp merge N Genessee St / Toll Booths 7,450
Oneida N Genessee St / Toll Booths NY 5 east & I-790 end 11,600
Source: NYSDOT 2002 Traffic Volume Report


Interstate 790 New York


Interstate 790 in New York is a relatively short freeway that parallels to Interstate 90 and then spurs into downtown Utica. Ongoing construction will connect Interstate 790 to the Utica-Rome Expressway, which is New York 49. Some have opined that the completed expressway should be signed as Interstate 790 when completed, but nothing is official.

Future Aspirations

Plans call for the conversion of a portion of New York 5, 8, and 12 through Utica into a below grade freeway. While this proposed freeway is not slated for designation as Interstate 790, it is adjacent to Interstate 790 and could become part of Interstate 790 in the future if it is built to Interstate standards. For more, visit Utica North-South Arterial Corridor Study.


Interstate 790 started as a two-lane highway from the New York Thruway to New York 5 & 12. Upgrades to a freeway occurred in the 1980s.1

Western Terminus - Downtown Utica, New York
Perspective from New York 8 north
New York 5 east, New York 8/12 northbound at the entrance to Interstate 790 east near downtown Utica. The first exit of the freeway serves the joint termini of New York 5A (east) and New York 5S (west). Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (09/16/02).
Perspective from New York 5S west
The termini of Interstate 790, New York 5A and New York 5S occur at the same point in Utica. This photograph shows New York 5S westbound as it transitions into New York 5A westbound. Interstate 790 begins to the right, heading north to the New York Thruway with New York 5, 8, and 12 before turning to the east alone. Photo taken by Chris Jordan (07/01).
Perspective from New York 5A east
New York 5A guide sign for Interstate 790 and its myriad of state route counterparts. The highways are all apart of the North-South Arterial Highway, cutting a swath through western Utica between New Hartford and the New York Thruway. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (10/12/02).
Eastern Terminus - Interstate 90 (New York Thruway) - northern Utica, New York
Perspective from Interstate 790 east
End Interstate 790 shield at the interchange for Interstate 90 (New York Thruway). Exit 31 of Interstate 90 is the only Thruway interchange for the city of Utica. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (04/01).
Perspective from Interstate 790 west
To Interstate 790, New York 5, New York 8, and New York 12 at the eastern terminus of Interstate 790 at Interstate 90 (New York Thruway) Exit 31 toll plaza. To access Interstate 790 from Interstate 90, one must utilize local roads. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (08/00).
This is where Interstate 790 and the future access to the Utica-Rome Expressway split. Interstate 90 (New York Thruway) is the highway in between the lanes of Interstate 790. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (08/00).
Perspective from Interstate 90 west
One-mile guide sign on the New York Thruway westbound. Interstate 790 parallels Interstate 90 for two miles before encountering New York routes 8 and 12. New York 5 should be displayed on this guide sign as well. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (08/00).
Perspective from Interstate 90 east
Exit 31 off-ramp and overhead on the New York Thruway eastbound. Interstate 790 eastbound can be seen to the right, as it passes by the Genesee Street off-ramp en route to New York 5. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (05/15/02).


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