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State New York
Mileage 10.16
Cities Albany, Troy, Watervilet
Junctions I-87/ New York Thruway, I-90
Source: December 31, 2017 Interstate Route Log and Finders List
I-787 New York Annual Average Daily Traffic
Location AADT Composite
I-87 to US 9W 25,075
East of Exit 1 44,711
Exit 2 54,836
Exits 2 to 3 no data
Exits 3A to 4A 84,217
Exits 4A to 5 43,685
Exits 5 to 6 53,022
Exits 6 to 7 88,188
Exits 7 to 8 73,615
Exits 8 to 9 62,908
Collar City Br 49,070
Source: 2015 NYSDOT Traffic Data Viewer


Interstate 787 New York


Interstate 787 runs north along the Hudson River from I-87 (New York Thruway) and U.S. 9W (Southern Boulevard) through Albany, Menands and Watervliet. Turning east along side NY 7 at Green Island, I-787 spans the Hudson River on the Collar City Bridge into Troy. NY 787 spurs northward from the cloverleaf interchange with I-787 and NY 7 to the city of Cohoes.


Interstate 787 was planned as The Riverfront Route along the Hudson River in Albany during the early 1950s.1

Highway Guides

Southern Terminus - Interstate 87 (New York Thruway) and U.S. 9W - Albany, New York
Perspective from Interstate 787 south
I-787 concludes at the New York Thruway beyond this toll plaza located west of the U.S. 9W (Southern Boulevard) overpass. Photo taken by Chris Jordan (11/00).
Traffic partitions at the south end of I-787 for I-87 south along the New York Thruway to Kingston and New York and I-87 north to western reaches of Albany. There I-87 shifts to the Adirondack Northway toward Plattsburg and Montreal, Quebec and I-90 takes over along the Thruway west to Utica and Syracuse. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (06/01).
Perspective from Interstate 87 south
Exit 23 departs the New York Thruway southbound for Interstate 787 north to adjacent U.S. 9W (Southern Boulevard). I-787 north links with U.S. 9/20 across the Hudson River to the city of Rensselaer. Photo taken by Chris Jordan (12/27/02).
Perspective from Interstate 87 north
The first guide sign for Interstate 787 appears 1.5 miles south of Exit 23 on Interstate 87 (New York Thruway) north. Photo taken 07/20/05.
Northbound I-87 (New York Thruway) enters the trumpet interchange (Exit 23) with Interstate 787 north. U.S. 9W ties into I-787 at adjacent ramps. Photo taken 07/20/05.
Northern Terminus - New York 7 / Hoosick Street - Troy, New York
Perspective from New York 7 west
NY 7 drops 130 feet in elevation along Hoosick Street westbound through Troy to the Collar City Bridge. Opened to traffic in 1981, the Hudson River span is a part of Interstate 787. Photo taken by Chris Jordan (11/00).
Perspective from Interstate 787 south
The first confirming marker for Interstate 787 appears along the Collar City Bridge westbound above U.S. 4 (River Street). Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (11/00).
Perspective from New York 7 east
New York 7 extends east from I-87 (Exit 7) along a freeway to I-787/NY 787 at Green Island. Although not marked, I-787 accompanies NY 7 east across the Collar City Bridge to Hoosick Street in Troy. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (11/00).
Perspective from Interstate 787 north
Entering the directional cloverleaf interchange with NY 7 and the Collar City Bridge, I-787 transitions to NY 787, a controlled access arterial spurring north to Colonie. Photo taken by Chris Jordan (11/00).


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