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Interstate 787 runs north-south between Interstate 87 to New York 7 along the Hudson River through downtown Albany and some northern suburbs. Once it intersects with New York 7, Interstate 787 goes across the Hudson River on the Collar City Bridge into Troy, the home of Uncle Sam. However, west of the Hudson River, north of New York 7, New York 787 continues as a surface street into Cohoes.


Interstate 787 was planned as The Riverfront Route along the Hudson River in Albany during the early 1950s.1

Highway Guides

Southern Terminus - Interstate 87/New York Thruway - Albany, New York
Perspective from Interstate 787 south
New York Thruway toll plaza for the Interstate 787 merge onto Interstate 87, as seen from the U.S. 9W overpass. Interstate 787 sees six interchanges serving the state capital, the most notable, a mammoth stack interchange at U.S. 9/20. Photo taken by Chris Jordan (11/00).
Worn button copy overheads for the Interstate 787 trumpet interchange to the New York Thruway. This interchange is the first of the Interstate 87 portion of the Thruway from the north. The Interstate takes over the southern leg of the Thruway from Interstate 90 six miles to the north. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (6/01).
Perspective from Interstate 87 south
Exit 23 for Interstate 787 north and U.S. 9W departs the New York Thruway southbound. The control cities feature Rensselaer, a city on the east banks of the Hudson River, accessible from Interstate 787 to U.S. 9/20. Photo taken by Chris Jordan (12/27/02).
Perspective from Interstate 87 north
The first guide sign for Interstate 787/Exit 23 appears 1.5 miles south of the interchange on Interstate 87/New York Thruway north. AARoads recommends taking Interstate 787 north to New York 7 westbound for the Adirondack Northway rather than staying on the New York Thruway to the Northway. This routing saves 20 cents in tolls and two miles of driving while giving the motorist a chance to see an urbanized landscape through downtown Albany. Photo taken 07/20/05.
Use Interstate 787 north to Rensselaer (via Exit 23). Photo taken 07/20/05.
Northbound Interstate 87/New York Thruway reaches Exit 23/Interstate 787 northbound. The Albany interchange is also signed for the nearby U.S. 9W, a US highway running along the western side of the Hudson River. Photo taken 07/20/05.
This set of overheads greets northbound motorists on the north side of the New York Thruway toll plaza. The interchange for U.S. 9W is placed immediately to the north of the plaza itself, with downtown Albany just a two mile drive to the north. Vidcap taken 10/93.
Northern Terminus - Fifth Street - Troy, New York
Perspective from New York 7 west
The Collar City Bridge in the distance carries Interstate 787 (vastly hidden) and New York 7 across the Hudson River into the city of Troy. This photograph shows the intersection where Interstate 787 officially terminates. Photo taken by Chris Jordan (11/00).
Perspective from Interstate 787 south
Shields for Interstate 787 New York south and New York 7 west on the Collar City Bridge westbound. Interstate 787 shields are posted on the bridge heading west, but not heading east towards Troy. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (11/00).
Interstate 787 southbound turns onto its own freeway en route to downtown Albany. New York 787 begins at this interchange, traveling northward to Cohoes as an at-grade highway. New York 7 continues as a freeway to Interstate 87 Exit 7. The interchange here is for the most part a cloverleaf, with exception of the approach from the Collar City Bridge to Interstate 787 southbound, with passes under New York 7. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (04/00).
Perspective from New York 7 east
New York 7, a freeway from Interstate 87 Exit 7 east to the Hudson River, at Interstate 787 and the southern terminus of New York 787. Although not displayed on the eastbound guide sign, Interstate 787 does continue across the Collar City Bridge into Troy. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (11/00).
Perspective from Interstate 787 north
Interstate 787 northbound at the New York 7 freeway and southern terminus of New York 787. Again, Interstate 787 is omitted from New York 7 eastbound signage. The Northway is just a four mile drive via New York 7 westbound, offering an alternative to the freeway over Interstate 90 to the south for Interstate 787/Albany based traffic. Photo taken by Chris Jordan (11/00).


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