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State Mississippi
Mileage 122
Cities Jackson
Junctions I-55
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Interstate 755 Mississippi

Interstate 755

Proposed Routing

Interstate 755 is the designation proposed for the Jackson Evers International Airport spur (called the Airport Parkway, which would connect Interstate 55 near downtown Jackson with the airport via a bridge over the Pearl River; the route would end at Mississippi 25/Lakeland Drive.1, 2 The freeway route may also have a branch south to Interstate 20 near Pearl, west of Brandon. A map that shows the proposed routing of this freeway is provided at the Toll Road News.


This freeway is proposed to provide direct access to the airport from downtown Jackson over the Pearl River. The freeway may be developed as a toll road; it has been planned as the Airport Parkway or as the Mississippi 25 Connector. The tolls are planned to expedite construction, but it is not clear if the highway can be assigned an Interstate designation with toll financing. The schedule for construction depends upon the success of the toll road proposal, but it could be open as soon as 2013.

Western Terminus - Interstate 55 - Jackson, Mississippi
This terminus location is approximate.
Eastern Terminus - Jackson-Evers International Airport
This terminus location is approximate.


  1. The Interstate Highway System in Mississippi: Saving Lives, Time and Money, A report on the condition, impact, use and future needs of Mississippi’s Interstate Highway System - this document identified the proposed designation of Interstate 755
  2. Airport Parkway (official site) - "The proposed Project consists of an access-controlled, high-speed toll road to be constructed on new alignments. The proposed alignment will start at I-55 in the west, extend to the east into the cities of Flowood and Pearl, and, after diverging at the proposed West Rankin Parkway, will terminate at MS 25 north of the Airport and at MS 475 to the south of the Airport. The Project will be comprised of approximately twelve (12) miles of roadway to be opened to traffic by the end of 2012."

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