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Interstate 691 is a relatively short freeway that connects Interstate 84 in Southington with Interstate 91 in Meriden. The freeway provides a halfway boundary between greater Hartford and greater New Haven; it was completed by the late 1980s, although some sections were open in the 1960s.

Connecticut 66

Interstate 691 extends east of Interstate 91 as Connecticut 66 in Meriden. According to Kurumi's Connecticut Interstate 691 page, the freeway was planned for further extension east via Connecticut 66, but that plan has not been considered for some time.


Interstate 691 began as a freeway for U.S. 6A between Exits 8 and 13 in 1965. By 1969, the designation shifted from U.S. 6A to Connecticut 66, with construction extending the road west to Exit 4 by 1970. Interstate 691 was established by AASHTO along with Interstate 284 in Hartford on July 13, 1976. Interstate 691 however was not signed until 1987, one year prior to the completion of its connection to Interstate 84.1

Western Terminus - Interstate 84 - Southington, Connecticut
Perspective from Interstate 691 west
As traffic merges in from Connecticut 10/Exit 3, guide signs prepare Interstate 691 westbound motorists of the pending terminus with Interstate 84. What makes this exit interesting is the fact that the east and westbound ramps receive their own Exit numbers. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (06/02/02).
Traffic of Interstate 691 westbound is defaulted onto Interstate 84 west (Exit 1). Exit 2 departs in this photograph for Interstate 84 east for the cities of Hartford and New Britain. Meanwhile just nine miles distance Interstate 691 from Waterbury to the west. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (06/02/02).
Perspective from Interstate 84 west
The eastbound flyover ramp to Interstate 691 departs Interstate 84 westbound after the Burritt Street overpass at Southington. Exit 28 quickly follows as a loop ramp onto Connecticut 322 (Meriden Waterbury Turnpike) for interests west to Marion and Wolcott. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (08/07/02).
Perspective from Interstate 84 east
The first overhead posted on Interstate 84 eastbound for the eastbound beginning of Interstate 691. Interstate 84 enters the area from Waterbury en route to New BRitain and Hartford. Interstate 691 stems east six miles to Meriden. Photo taken 06/26/05.
Situated within the tri-level stack interchange of Interstate 84 and 691 is the Exit 28 folded-diamond interchange with Connecticut 322 (Meriden Waterbury Turnpike). Connecticut 322 mirrors Interstate 691 east from Interstate 84 near Marion to Milldale, Pratts Corner and Hubbard Park. Photo taken 06/26/05.
A small diagrammatic overhead outlines the Exit 27 and 28 ramp departures for Interstate 691 east and Connecticut 322. The two interchanges lie along the New Haven and Hartford County line at Cheshire and Southington. Interests to Cheshire should use Interstate 691 east to Connecticut 10 (Highland Avenue). Photo taken 06/26/05.
Exit 27 consists of a lengthy high speed ramp from Interstate 84 east onto the eastbound beginning of Interstate 691. Interstate 691 meets Interstate 91 and Connecticut 15 (Wilbur Cross Parkway) in eight miles. Photo taken 06/26/05.
Eastern Terminus - Interstate 91 - Meriden, Connecticut
Perspective from Interstate 91 north
The first signage for the junction with Interstate 691 appears prior to the Meriden/East Main Street interchange (Exit 16) at the same point where traffic from Connecticut 15/Wilbur Cross Parkway briefly touches Interstate 91. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Interstate 91 northbound at Exit 17, the split with Connecticut 15 north. Traffic to Interstate 691 west and the Connecticut 66 freeway spur to the east must use Connecticut 15 northbound as there is no access from Interstate 91 north to either route. There is direct access to Interstate 691 from Interstate 91 south at Exit 18. Beyond the Interstate 691 interchange for Connecticut 15 north is a merge onto U.S. 5, the Berlin Turnpike. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Interstate 91 appear like a dual freeway as northbound Connecticut 15 comes alongside Interstate 91. Interstate 91's two lanes offer express service through the interchange, while Connecicut 15/Wilbur Cross Parkway offers the connection to Interstate 691. This view shows the Connecticut 15 lanes as seen from the main lanes of Interstate 91 north. Photo taken 08/09/04.
An Interstate 91 reassurance shield is posted on the main lanes in the middle of the dual freeway configuration; a Connecticut 15 shield is posted on the exterior lanes. Photo taken 08/09/04.
The right lane of Connecticut 15 will reconnect to Interstate 91, while the two left lanes continue north on Connecticut 15 to U.S. 5/Berlin Turnpike. Photo taken 08/09/04.
As Connecticut 15 splits away from Interstate 91, the next exit along northbound Interstate 91 is Exit 18, Connecticut 66 east. Connecticut 66 is the freeway continuation of Interstate 691 to the east of Interstate 91. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Northbound Interstate 91 reaches Exit 18, Connecticut 15 north to U.S. 5/Berlin Turnpike. Use Interstate 91 north to Hartford and Springfield, Massachusetts. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Perspective from Interstate 691 east
Interstate 691 leaves the Exit 8 partial-cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 5 (Broad Street) on the approach to Interstate 91 and Connecticut 15. Exit 10 onto Interstate 91 south uses Connecticut 15 (Wilbur Cross Parkway) to make the connection. Interstate 91 & Connecticut 15 briefly parallel one another between Interstate 691 and Main Street through Meriden. Photo taken 06/26/05.
Exit 10 departs Interstate 691 eastbound for Connecticut 15 (Wilbur Cross Parkway) south to Interstate 91 south. Connecticut 15 travels eight miles to Wallingford; Interstate 91 ends 22 miles southward at Interstate 95 in New Haven. Photo taken 06/26/05.
A left-hand off-ramp departs Interstate 691 eastbound for Interstate 91 north to Wethersfield and Hartford. Although signs indicate that the freeway is Connecticut 66, the exit numbering convention continues through to Exit 12 (Preston Avenue) for Interstate 691 east. Photo taken 06/26/05.
Exit 12 comprises a half-diamond interchange with Interstate 691 & Connecticut 66 and Preston Avenue. Preston Avenue travels north from Main Street to Baldwin Avenue at Interstate 91 (Exit 19) in east Meriden. Photo taken 06/26/05.
The Interstate 691 freeway crosses into Middlesex County at the wye interchange with Main Street. An expressway ends sign resides at the Main Street westbound under crossing. Photo taken 06/26/05.
The roadways of Interstate 691 converge onto Connecticut 66 (Meriden Road) east of the merge with Main Street. Photo taken 06/26/05.
Connecticut 66 eastbound reassurance marker posted after the Interstate 691 freeway end. Ahead is the signalized intersection with Connecticut 147 (Baileyville Road). Middletown lies six miles ahead. Photo taken 06/26/05.
Perspective from Connecticut 66 and Interstate 691 west
Connecticut 66 (Meriden Road) westbound approaching the Interstate 691 freeway beginning. The wye interchange with East Main Street represents Exit 13. Photo taken 06/26/05.
East Main Street splits from the Interstate 691 freeway beginning at Exit 13. Main Street heads into Meriden while Interstate 691 prepares to interchange with Interstate 91 and Connecticut 15 in one mile. Photo taken 06/26/05.
There is no access to Preston Avenue (Exit 12) from Interstate 691 west. Travelers next encounter the Exit 11 off-ramp onto Interstate 91 northbound for Hartford and Springfield, Massachusetts. Photo taken 06/26/05.
Interstate 691 westbound continues west to a left-hand off-ramp onto Interstate 91 and Connecticut 15 south. A separate ramp departs ahead onto Connecticut 15 (Wilbur Cross Parkway) northbound for its connection to U.S. 5 north (Berlin Turnpike). Photo taken 06/26/05.
Exit 10 departs Interstate 691 westbound onto Interstate 91 southbound ahead of its exit for Connecticut 15 (Wilbur Cross Parkway) southbound. Connecticut 15 and Interstate 91 parallel one another south toward North Haven. Connecticut serves Wallingford and Hamden to the west; Interstate 91 travels south along U.S. 5 into downtown New Haven. Photo taken 06/26/05.


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