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Interstate 495 is a fully signed route along the U.S. 64 freeway between Interstate 440 at east Raleigh and Interstate 540 near Knightdale. The remainder of the route east along U.S. 64 & 264 to Zebulon, and on U.S. 64 solo to Interstate 95 outside Rocky Mount, is posted as a Future Route pending upgrades to expand the inside and outside shoulders to interstate standards.


Proposed by the Regional Transportation Alliance in Raleigh first on May 12, 2005, and subsequently endorsed by several municipalities along the proposed route, Interstate 495 was envisioned as a new Interstate with the intent of upgrading the U.S. 64 freeway to full Interstate standards by 2031. The resolutions passed by local chambers of commerce and planning organizations in favor of Interstate 495 in 2005, were joined by support from the Franklin County Board of Commissioners and Chamber of Commerce respectively in 2006.1

The Regional Transportation Alliance (RTA) continued support for an Interstate designation for U.S. 64, leading to the announcement by Governor Pat McCrory and Transportation Secretary Tony Tata on December 12, 2013 that designated the freeway as Interstate 495.2 Further goals by the RTA sought to extend the new Interstate designation eastward along U.S. 64 beyond Rocky Mount to Williamston and northeast along U.S. 17 to Hampton Roads, Virginia. Numbers for the corridor favored by the RTA included Interstates 44 and 50.1

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) ultimately selected Interstate 89 as the proposed designation for the Raleigh to Norfolk, Virginia route using the U.S. 64 and U.S. 17 corridors. The number was submitted to the 2016 AASHTO Spring Meeting, which returned Interstate 87 as the approved new designation for the corridor. With this decision, Interstate 495 will be retired pending FHWA approval for I-87 and the installation of new signs.3

Western Terminus - Interstate 440 - Raleigh, North Carolina
A directional T interchange between U.S. 64 & 264 (Knightdale Bypass) and Interstate 440 (Cliff Benson Beltline) is the western terminus of Interstate 495.
Eastern Terminus - Interstate 95 - Rocky Mount, North Carolina
Interstate 495's east end is located at the full-cloverleaf interchange between U.S. 64 and Interstate 95 west of Rocky Mount.


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