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As defined in the NHS/ISTEA/TEA-21 legislation, the Northern Beltline corridor will begin at the Interstate 20/59/459 interchange southwest of Bessemer. The proposed route will then take off in a northeastly direction, intersecting future Interstate 22/U.S. 78, Interstate 65, U.S. 31, Alabama 79, and Alabama 75 before heading back southeast toward its eastern terminus with Interstate 59 near Exit 143 in the vicinity of Trussville. The proposed eastern terminus at Interstate 59 will be at a point northeast of the northern terminus of Interstate 459. The entire 52-mile proposed northern beltline around Birmingham could be completed by 2025. In May 2009, the Birmingham News cited that the Northern Beltline would be part of the interstate system and be designated as Interstate 422. As well as carrying the Interstate 422 designation, the entire route will also carry the hidden designation of Alabama 959. Currently, a study is also underway to determine the feasibility of extending the Northern Beltline further south to meet Interstate 20 near Moody.

High Priority Corridor

Proposed Interstate 422 will be part of High Priority Corridor 28 - Birmingham Northern Beltline (ARC Corridor X-1) from Bessemer to Trussville via Graysville and Gardendale.

Route Status/Updates

On May 26 2009, the Birmingham News reported that the start of construction of the Future Interstate 22/Interstate 65 interchange could begin as early as the fall, if additional federal stimulus money becomes available. The same article also cited the future of the Northern Beltline and its new designation as Interstate 422. Once construction of the Interstate 22/65 interchange begins, more funding can be allocated toward the construction of the proposed 52-mile northern beltway around Birmingham. "The beltline will carry the I-422 designation because it is a part of the interstate system", said U.S. Rep. Spencer Bachus, R-Vestavia Hills. "Beltline funding is in great shape," Bachus said. "The I-22 designation (for Corridor X) strengthened our hand. Now the northern beltline is a part of the interstate highway system."1 More funding will start to be pumped into the Northern Beltline project starting in 2011, with Bachus wanting it to be fully completed by 2025.

ALDOT petitioned AASHTO to apply the designation of Interstate 422 to the Birmingham Northern Beltline on September 27, 2011 and the "I-22 Connector" as Interstate 222 on the same date. The AASHTO SCOH Committee approved both applications at their Spring 2012 (Special Committee on US Route Numbering) Meeting on May 18, 2012. I-222 is proposed as a 2.26-mile connector between I-422 at Brookside and I-22 in east Graysville.

Work was to commence in late 2011 on a 3.4-mile stretch of I-422 roadway between Alabama 75 and 79 north of Pinson. This was delayed due to environmental concerns, spearheaded by Black Warrior Riverkeeper. A federal judge denied a request for a preliminary injunction to block construction of the North Beltline on January 17, 2014, clearing the way for work to begin on the first stretch of freeway.2

Construction broke ground on a 1.34-mile segment of the North Beltline on February 24, 2014. The $46-million project running through fall 2016, focuses on the link between Alabama 75 and 79 near Pinson.2 Future work on the 51.04 mile route varies with potential ROW acquisition between 2013 and 2031.3

Western Terminus - Interstates 20-59 and 459 - Bessemer, Alabama
Perspective from Interstate 20 east/59 north
Interstate 459 northbound begins its jaunt around the city of Birmingham. Initially the highway is four lanes in width. However north of Exit 6 the highway widens to six lanes. Interstate 422 and the Northern Beltline will connect at this interchange. The route will carry motorists on a north and northeastward bypass of the metro Birmingham area, linking the cities of Bessemer with Graysville and Gardendale. Photo taken 08/10/02.
Perspective from Interstate 20 west/59 south
Interstate 459 begins its eastward trek from this cloverleaf ramp on Interstate 20 west/59 south. The bypass sees three interchanges for the Bessemer and Hoover suburbs before reaching Interstate 65. The Northern Beltline will continue north of this interchange and carry the Interstate 422 desgination along its proposed 52-mile corridor. Photo taken by Chris Patriarca (01/11/03).
Perspective from Interstate 459 south
A grainy view of the Interstate 20 east/59 northbound ramp as Interstate 459 enters the Exit 0 trumpet interchange. Interstate 422 will continue from here on a north and northeastly alignment heading toward Graysville, Interstate 22 and points beyond. Photo taken 08/10/02.
Eastern Terminus - Interstate 59 - Trussville, Alabama
The planned eastern terminus will bring the Northern Beltline to a point along Interstate 59 approximately seven miles northeast of the northern terminus of Interstate 459.


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