Interstate 364 Missouri

Potential Routing

Interstate 364 currently does not exist in Missouri. Due to the numbering of Missouri 364, it is possible that once the road is completed, it might become part of the Interstate Highway System. However, no official plans for that are currently in place.

Missouri 364 is the Page Avenue Extension, a freeway that has been constructed from Interstate 270 west to Missouri 94 in St. Peters. The first phase of this project was the opening of the Veterans Memorial Bridge over the Missouri River, which opened on December 13, 2003.1 Between the Veterans Memorial Bridge and Interstate 270, Missouri 364 is officially designated as the "'Buzz' Westfall Memorial Highway," which is named in honor of the former St. Louis County Chief Executive who had died before Phase I of the freeway opened.2

Currently, Missouri 364 meets Missouri 94, and the two routes are cosigned briefly before reaching the Harvester Road traffic signal. A shield for Missouri 364 is posted on top of the Missouri 94 shield.2 Signage over Jungs Station Road says the Missouri 364-94 freeway ends at the Harvester Road traffic light. From there, Missouri 94 continues straight ahead as an expressway.

Ultimately, the freeway is proposed to continue from Missouri 94 southwest to the Missouri N intersection. From there, Missouri 364 will turn west to meet Interstate 64 and U.S. 40-61 via a path parallel to Missouri N. Missouri 364 will completely overlay the current Missouri 94 expressway with a three-lane freeway with auxiliary lanes, connecting to two-lane, one-direction outer lanes (frontage roads that are similar to the design of Missouri's Interstate 64 between Interstate 270 and Chesterfield Parkway East). At Missouri N/Mid Rivers Mall Drive, Missouri 364 will divert from Missouri 94 and roughly follow Missouri N (but not overlaying Missouri N) from Missouri 94 west to Interstate 64. Between Missouri 94 and Interstate 64, Missouri 364 will have a partial cloverleaf interchange at Missouri K, a single point urban interchange (SPUI) at Bryan Road, and a cloverleaf with a flyover connecting eastbound Interstate 64 to eastbound Missouri 364. This improved interchange (completed in October 2005) is currently open in partial form at the location of the U.S. 40-61/Missouri N interchange in Dardenne Praire.2

Future Western Terminus - Interstate 64/U.S. 40-61 - at Missouri N interchange in Lake St. Louis, Missouri
No photos are currently available.
Current Western Terminus - Harvester Road (immediately after Missouri 94 interchange) - St. Peters, Missouri
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Eastern Terminus - Interstate 270 - Maryland Heights, Missouri
Perspective from Interstate 270 west/south
This mileage sign along southbound Interstate 270 immediately after the Interstate 70 interchange provides the distance to the Missouri 364 and Missouri D/Page Avenue interchange. Photo taken 10/16/04.
Southbound Interstate 270 reaches Exit 17, Dorsett Road. The next exit is Exits 16B-A, Missouri 364 west and Missouri D/Page Avenue east. Photo taken 10/16/04.
This mileage sign along southbound Interstate 270 provides the distance to the next three interchanges: Exits 16B-A, Missouri 364 and Missouri D/Page Avenue; Exit 14, Missouri 340/Olive Boulevard; and Exit 13, Ladue Road. Photo taken 10/16/04.
The right lane of southbound Interstate 270 becomes exit only for westbound Missouri 364/Page Avenue Extension (Exit 16B). Photo taken 10/16/04.
The interchange between Interstate 270, Missouri 364, and Missouri D/Page Avenue is a cloverleaf interchange. The first exit along southbound Interstate is for Missouri 364 west, followed by a loop ramp exit to eastbound Page Avenue (Missouri D). Photo taken 10/16/04.
Southbound Interstate 270 reaches Exit 16A, Missouri D/Page Avenue east. Photo taken 10/16/04.


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State Missouri
Mileage approximately seven miles
Cities Maryland Heights, St. Peters
Junctions I-270, I-64
Source: 2005 Rand McNally atlas
Aerial image of Interstate 64 & U.S. 40-61 at County Highawy N in O'Fallon. Note the ramp stubs built into the interchange for the eventual Missouri 364 freeway extension. Land cleared heading east reveals the path of the eventual freeway, including a stretch of County N and South Outher Road 364, the eventual frontage road system of the planned freeway.
The path of Missouri 364 has not been without controversy. Read more about it and the three phases of road work for the freeway at Wikipedia.