Interstate 326 South Carolina


Interstate 326 was the temporary designation given to the southernmost section of Interstate 77 between Interstate 26 and South Carolina 48 (Bluff Road). It was approved by AASHTO on July 13, 1976.


The following map shows the proposed route of Interstate 326 between Interstate 26 and South Carolina 48. By the time the route was completed, it was signed as Interstate 77 (note proposed South Carolina 77 to the east of South Carolina 48 and south of Interstate 20). This map is an excerpt from the South Carolina Official State Map from 1980 (Columbia inset):

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Western Terminus - Interstate 26 - south of Cayce, South Carolina
The current south end of Interstate 77 represents the west end of historic Interstate 326.
Eastern Terminus - South Carolina 48 - south of Columbia, South Carolina
The interchange with South Carolina 48 represents the eastern extent of former Interstate 326.

Page Updated January 9, 2007.

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State South Carolina
Mileage 5*
Cities Columbia metropolitan area
Junctions I-26
Source: 2007 Rand McNally Road Atlas (* - estimation of former routing)