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Interstate 195 is an east-west freeway linking Trenton and Princeton to the Jersey Shore. The western seven miles serves suburban areas and industrial parks in Hamilton Township while linking the capital city with the New Jersey Turnpike at Robbinsville Township. Further east, the Center Jersey Expressway traverses rural areas of the Pine Barrens while serving traffic bound for the Six Flags Great Adventure amusement park at Jackson Township. The east end of I-195 transitions to New Jersey 138 at the Garden State Parkway in Wall Township. NJ 138 connects the route with NJ 35 leading into the borough of Belmar on the coast.

Interstate 195 east at the New Jersey Turnpike, which doubles as Interstate 95 northward to North Jersey. The interchange linking I-195 with I-95 was redesigned as part of the 2009-14 Turnpike expansion project. Photo taken by Carter Buchanan (06/30/05).


The Central Jersey Expressway system plans in the late 1950s outlined a route for New Jersey 37, the Trenton-Asbury Park Expressway, running east from Trenton to the Garden State Parkway near Toms River. Interstate funding for the Central Jersey Expressway (NJ 37), estimated at $60 million, was proposed in 1967 in exchange for dropping funds for a seven mile long portion of Interstate 278, which was estimated to cost nearly $100 million. This proposal did not move forward until 1968, when the Bureau of Public Roads approved an additional 1,500 miles to the national Interstate system, which allowed for the 34.2-mile expansion of I-195.1

Construction began on Interstate 195 in October 1968 in western Upper Freehold Township. The majority of the route was completed by 1981. The western most 1.8 miles opened in two stages between 1987 and 1990.1 Work on the Trenton Complex project involving I-295 south from I-195 to Bordentown and NJ 29 north from I-195 into Trenton, commenced in 1990. Prior to its completion in December 1994, I-195 acted as the default route for I-295 between Trenton Belt Line and U.S. 206 south to U.S. 130 at Bordentown.

Plans for the interchange between the Pennsylvania Turnpike and Interstate 95 at Bristol involved the relocation of I-95 from the Trenton Belt Line onto the toll road east to the New Jersey Turnpike. A petition to AASHTO in 2007 gave preliminary approval to renumber the former I-95 between Bristol and Lawrence Township, New Jersey and I-295 from White Horse and U.S. 1, as an extension of Interstate 195. This changed again in 2014, when a proposal emerged to instead renumber this as Interstate 395. By 2015, the original plan to extend I-295 west to Bucks County, Pennsylvania over the old route for I-95 was approved by AASHTO. Work on the new interchange at Bristol runs through 2018.

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Western Terminus - Interstate 295/New Jersey 29 - White Horse, New Jersey
Perspective from Interstate 195 west
The first advance notice that westbound Interstate 195 is approaching its end is this warning sign for the New Jersey 29 tunnel. Not all vehicles are permitted to use the New Jersey 29 tunnel. Photo taken 08/30/05.
Shortly thereafter is this sign indicating that Interstate 195 will end in 2.50 miles. The next exit is Exit 2, U.S. 206. Photo taken 08/30/05.
Westbound Interstate 195 reaches Exit 2, U.S. 206 near White Horse. This is the last mainline off-ramp of Interstate 195. Until 1994, Interstate 295 traffic was diverted onto U.S. 130 east to U.S. 206 north through Bordentown to this interchange on Interstate 195. Traffic then turned onto Interstate 195 westbound for one mile before defaulting back onto Interstate 295 northbound. The Exit 2/U.S. 206 button copy panel is vintage from the completion of Interstate 195. Photos taken by Douglas Kerr (06/16/02) and on 08/30/05.
A second set of signs advises that the first connection will be with Interstate 295 north to Interstate 95 south to Pennsylvania and U.S. 1 north to Princeton, followed by Interstate 295 south to Camden. Photo taken 08/30/05.
Another end sign is posted for Interstate 195 west, this time in the left median about 0.75 mile before the interchange with Interstate 295. Photo taken 08/30/05.
Westbound Interstate 195 approaches its junction with Interstate 295 north to Princeton and south to Camden. Photo taken 08/30/05.
Westbound Interstate 195 entering the terminus interchange with Interstate 295 and New Jersey 29. The left-hand panel indicates that Interstate 195 ends and New Jersey 29 begins. This type of end/begin signage is standard signage for the terminus of a route in the Garden State. There is a second end/begin panel at the Interstate 295 southbound cloverleaf ramp (Exit 60A). For many years the lanes to the left ended as a stub to the un-built interchange for Interstate 295. Notice now that Interstate 195 uses Interstate 295 mileage based exit numbers instead of Exit 0A/B for its terminus interchange. This practice occurs in other states such as Arkansas at the eastern terminus of Interstate 630. Photos taken by Douglas Kerr (06/16/02) and on 08/30/05.
Interstate 195 ends and New Jersey 29 northbound begins as the Interstate 295 southbound cloverleaf ramp departs. New Jersey 29, recently completed into Trenton, provides limited access into the downtown area of the city. A new tunnel portion opened to traffic in early 2002, thus completing a project that began some ten years ago. Vidcap taken by Ray Martin (07/99).
The end/begin Interstate 195/New Jersey 29 panel as seen five years earlier. Note that the sign originally displayed New Jersey 29 and 129 as beginning together. Now the panel reflects Begin New Jersey 29/To New Jersey 129. New Jersey 129 incidentally, is a four to six lane boulevard into downtown Trenton from New Jersey 29. Before the tunnel portion of New Jersey 29 opened to traffic, New Jersey 129 was the only route from this junction into the city of Trenton. Vidcap taken 12/30/94.
Perspective from New Jersey 29 south
New Jersey 29 ends and Interstate 195 begins as this panel suggests. Seven miles to the east, Interstate 195 intersects the New Jersey Turnpike (Interstate 95). Guide signs can be found throughout this stretch of Interstate 195 indicating that it is the route to New York via Interstate 95. Vidcap taken by Ray Martin (07/99).
Perspective from Interstate 295 north
The first appearance of Interstate 195 on northbound Interstate 295 appears two miles prior to the interchange, near a scenic overlook. Interstate 195 is signed as To Interstate 95 and New Jersey Turnpike. Photo taken 08/29/05.
Interstate 195 and New Jersey 29 share a common terminus at Interstate 295. While Interstate 195 travels east across New Jersey to shore points, New Jersey 29 travels northwest into downtown Trenton. After passing through downtown Trenton as a freeway, New Jersey 29 downgrades to a two-lane rural highway configuration as it follows the east bank of the Delaware River toward Frenchtown. Photo taken 08/29/05.
A bright red warning sign advises motorists that vehicles carrying hazardous materials (including bottles of flammable liquids such as propane) are not permitted in the New Jersey 29 cut and cover tunnel near downtown Trenton. There are no such restrictions on Interstate 195 east. Photo taken 08/29/05.
The interchange with Interstate 195 east and New Jersey 29 north is one-half mile ahead. The eastbound control city is Belmar, which is located at the end of New Jersey 138 on the New Jersey Shore. The northbound control city is for New Jersey 29 en route to Trenton, the capital of the Garden State. Photo taken 08/29/05.
The left three lanes continue north on Interstate 295, while the right two lanes exit onto Interstate 195 east and New Jersey 29 north. Interstate 195 travels 34 miles between Trenton and the Garden State Parkway, serving coastal communities such as Asbury Park, Belmar, Long Beach, and Seaside Heights among others. Photo taken 08/29/05.
Interstate 295 northbound nears Exits 60A-B for Interstate 195 east/New Jersey 29 north. This stretch of Interstate 295 was the last to open, due to the environmentally sensitive area that is traverses (the freeway traverses wetland areas adjacent to the Delaware River). The night-time close-up of these overhead signs shows the changes to the control city. Shore Points was the default control point for all of Interstate 195 east. Photo taken by 08/29/05 and vidcap taken 12/30/94.
Now on the transition ramp, the lanes split: use the left lane to New Jersey 29 north to downtown Trenton and the right lane to Interstate 195 east to Belmar and points on the Jersey Shore. Photo taken 08/29/05.
Perspective from Interstate 295 south
This is the first overhead for the western terminus of Interstate 195 and southern terminus of New Jersey 29 posted on Interstate 295 southbound just before the Kuser Road exit. NJDOT installed new signs directing motorists from Interstate 95 at Bakersville south along Interstate 295 to Interstate 195 east in 2004. The new signs include Interstate 95 & New Jersey Turnpike trailblazers. Photo taken by Carter Buchanan (06/30/05).
Southbound Interstate 295 approaches Interstate 195 east and New Jersey 29 north at Arena Drive/White Horse Avenue (Exit 61A). Photo taken by Carter Buchanan (06/30/05).
Continuing south, this is the one-half mile advance signage for Interstate 195 east and New Jersey 29 north on southbound Interstate 295. Photo taken by Carter Buchanan (06/30/05).
Southbound Interstate 295 reaches Exits 60B-A, Interstate 195 east and New Jersey 29 north. To Interstate 95, use Interstate 195 east to the New Jersey Turnpike. This interchange is nearly a modified cloverleaf except for the direct connection ramp from northbound Interstate 295 to northbound New Jersey 29. Photo taken by Carter Buchanan (06/30/05).
A collector distributor roadway system carries Interstate 295 southbound motorists to both New Jersey 129 north (Exit 60B) and Interstate 195 east (Exit 60A). New Jersey 29 spurs into Trenton as a freeway between Interstates 195 & 295 and John Fitch Parkway. Interstate 195 travels east seven miles to Interstate 95 & New Jersey Turnpike. New Jersey 129 splits from New Jersey 29 one mile to the northwest along Canal Boulevard. Photo taken by Carter Buchanan (06/30/05).
Eastern Terminus - New Jersey 34 - Belmar, New Jersey
Perspective from Interstate 195 east
The end of Interstate 195 east comes with a series of interchanges: New Jersey 34, Junction Garden State Parkway, Allenwood Road, and New Jersey 18. The Interstate Highway ends at New Jersey 34, but the expressway configuration continues as New Jersey 138 east past the Garden State Parkway to the New Jersey 18 freeway. So, the final exit on eastbound Interstate 195 is Exits 35A-B, New Jersey 34 and the Garden State Parkway. Photo taken by Carter Buchanan (06/30/05).
Exit 34A advance signage on Interstate 195 approaching the transition into New Jersey 138. New Jersey 34, featured on this guide sign, parallels the Garden State Parkway to the west providing the only access from eastbound Interstate 195 to the Parkway south. New Jersey 34 also travels to Collingwood Park and Point Pleasant Beach. Photo taken by Carter Buchanan (06/30/05).
Eastbound Interstate 195 enters the Exits 35A-B cloverleaf interchange with New Jersey 34. There is direct access to the Garden State Parkway northbound at Exit 36. Button copy signage on this sign bridge is vintage from the initial opening of Interstate 195, but by 2005 it was replaced with reflective signage. Photos taken by Carter Buchanan (06/30/05) and on 12/23/01.
The official terminus of Interstate 195 occurs at the New Jersey 34 cloverleaf interchange/Exits 35A-B. Visible in the under the New Jersey 34 overpass is Interstate 195's Milepost 0. There is no end signage present here, but Interstate 195's exit numbers continue. Exit 36 is still one-half mile ahead. New Jersey 138 continues the Interstate 195 freeway to the Garden State Parkway exit, transitioning into a divided at-grade expressway facility en route to Belmar and New Jersey 18. Again compare the newer reflective with the older button copy signs. Photos taken by Carter Buchanan (06/30/05) and on 12/23/01.
Shortly thereafter, eastbound New Jersey 138 reaches Exit 36, Junction Garden State Parkway north. The connection to southbound Garden State Parkway is afforded via New Jersey 34 south. The traffic signal in the distance on eastbound New Jersey 138 is for Allenwood Road; shortly thereafter is the junction with New Jersey 18. Photo taken by Carter Buchanan (06/30/05).
Perspective from New Jersey 138 west
Westbound New Jersey 138 as it transitions into Interstate 195 at the New Jersey 34 cloverleaf interchange. There is no access from New Jersey 138 westbound directly onto the Garden State Parkway either, so traffic is again defaulted onto New Jersey 34 southbound to Exit 98 of the Parkway. This photograph shows Milepost 0 at the foot of the New Jersey 34 overpass. Photo taken by Chris Mason (11/01).
Perspective from New Jersey 34 north
Northbound New Jersey 34 connects to Interstate 195 west via this loop ramp. The interchange between New Jersey 34 and Interstate 195 is a full cloverleaf, so access is provided in all directions. Photo taken by Carter Buchanan (06/30/05).
Perspective from New Jersey 34 south
Now traveling south on New Jersey 34, the first connection is for Interstate 195 west to Trenton, and the second ramp connects to New Jersey 138 east to Belmar. Photo taken by Carter Buchanan (06/30/05).
The next ramp in this cloverleaf interchange connects southbound New Jersey 34 with eastbound New Jersey 138 to the Garden State Parkway north. Continue straight ahead to southbound Garden State Parkway. Photo taken by Carter Buchanan (06/30/05).
Perspective from Garden State Parkway north
Even though Interstate 195 ends at New Jersey 34, signage for Interstate 195 west is posted on the northbound Garden State Parkway as seen here. A more technically correct sign would read, New Jersey 138 west to Interstate 195 west and New Jersey 34, but this sign is still just as effective. Photo taken by Carter Buchanan (06/30/05).


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State New Jersey
Mileage 34.17
Cities Trenton, Hamilton, Asbury Park
Junctions I-295, I-95/ New Jersey Turnpike, Garden State Parkway
Source: December 31, 2016 Interstate Route Log and Finders List
The initial construction of Interstate 195 between CR 524 and Monmouth County 43 in Upper Freehold Township - 1969 New Jersey Official Highway Map
Interstate 195 opened first between Washington (Robbinsville) Township and Jackson Mills in 1972.1
All but the west and east ends of Interstate 195 open to traffic - 1981 Gousha atlas
The easternmost six mile portion of Interstate 195 was completed in 1981 between Squankum and Wall Township in Monmouth County.1