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Interstate 190 is a short spur from Interstate 90 south into Downtown Rapid City. It runs concurrent with U.S. 16 as part of a route to Black Hills National Forest and Mount Rushmore National Monument.

A new single point urban interchange (SPUI) is under construction along Interstate 190 at Silver and North Streets. Construction includes the replacement of the I-190 overpasses above North Street and the removal of the frontage roads south of there. Work also adds a bike path along the west side of I-190 to the north. See the interchange layout here.

Construction on the I-190/Silver Street Interchange Project commenced in August 2015 with land clearing. Closure of the southbound lanes of I-190 followed by March 2016 so crews could rebuild them and replace the span above North Street. Phase III reopens the southbound lanes for two-way traffic as the northbound lanes are rebuilt in October 2016. Phase IV involves paving of West Boulevard.1

Final completion of the I-190/Silver Street Interchange Project is anticipated for October 2017.1 Total costs are estimated at $32.5 million for SDDOT and $1.7 million for the city of Rapid City.


Interstate 190 opened in 1962.2 The bridges over North Street were built in 1958.1

The Omaha Street Project, underway during the 2003 and 2004 construction seasons, rebuilt the intersection where I-190 & U.S. 16 ties into Omaha Street (SD 44) and West Boulevard. The public private partnership expanded Omaha Street into a six lane arterial from 12th Street to East Boulevard, with work completed just ahead of schedule on July 3, 2004.3

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Southern Terminus - South Dakota 44 - Rapid City, South Dakota
Historical Perspective from Interstate 190 south & U.S. 16 west
A new sign bridge replaced this assembly at the south end of I-190 when South Dakota 79 was realigned in 2005. The state highway formerly took an in-city route along Sturgis Road, and Chicago, Omaha and St. Joseph Streets. Photo taken by Jay Maynard (07/06/02).
Perspective from U.S. 16 east & South Dakota 44 west
U.S. 16 dog legs along Omaha Street (SD 44) west from Mount Rushmore Road to Interstate 190. Photo taken 08/12/13.
Overheads omit U.S. 16 east on South Dakota 44 (Omaha Street) as the six-lane arterial intersects West Boulevard south and I-190 north. SD 44 constitutes a truck route bypass of Downtown Rapid City. Photo taken 08/12/13.
U.S. 16 east turns north onto the freeway beginning of Interstate 190 to end at I-90. The US highway formerly combined with Business Loop I-90 east from Downtown Rapid City to Interstate 90 at Exit 60. Photo taken 08/12/13.
Historical Perspective from South Dakota 44 east & 79 south
Approaching Interstate 190 and U.S. 16 along SD 44 east & 79 south, prior to the 2003-04 expansion of Omaha Street to six lanes. Photo taken by Jay Maynard (07/06/02).
Omaha Street east at West Boulevard and the Interstate 190 freeway. South Dakota 79 formerly continued east with U.S. 16 west from here to Business Loop I-90 in Downtown. Expansion of Omaha Street here removed these shields, and as of 2015 they were not replaced. Photo taken by Jay Maynard (07/06/02).
A second set of signs were posted on the northeast corner of Omaha Street at I-190 and West Boulevard. These were replaced during the Omaha Street Project to no longer reference U.S. 16 east. The assembly with SD 79 was replaced by 2003 with a new sign bridge for the adjacent split of U.S. 16 west from SD 44 east. Photo taken by Jay Maynard (07/05/02).
Perspective from Interstate 190 north & U.S. 16 east
West Boulevard connects Business Loop I-90 (St. Joseph Street east / Main Street west) with the northbound beginning of Interstate 190 directly. The freeway begins north from West Boulevard and Omaha Street (South Dakota 44). Photo taken 08/12/13.
Interstate 190 & U.S. 16 combine at Omaha Street and immediately cross Rapid Creek between Memorial Park and Executive Golf Course. Exit 1C formerly departed here for West Boulevard, but 2016 construction of the I-190/Silver Street Interchange project permanently closed this ramp. Photo taken 08/12/13.
Northern Terminus - Interstate 90 and U.S. 14 - Rapid City, South Dakota
Perspective from Interstate 190 north & U.S. 16 east
Interstate 190 and U.S. 16 conclude just north of the Anamosa Street on-ramp from West Boulevard at a trumpet interchange (Exits 1A/B). Photo taken 08/12/13.
Single lane ramps partition for Interstate 90 & U.S. 14 east to Wall and west to Sturgis, Spearfish and Sundance, Wyoming. Photo taken 08/12/13.
Perspective from Interstate 90 & U.S. 14 east
Interstate 90-U.S. 14 east & SD 79 south traverse the hills separating industrial west Rapid City from the residential street grid on the one mile approach to I-190 south & U.S. 16 west. Mount Rushmore is the I-190 control point, as the freeway represents the initial leg of the U.S. 16 route southwest to Rockerville and the national monument. Photo taken 08/20/14.
Exit 57 departs Interstate 90 east for I-190 south to Downtown. U.S. 16 and U.S. 16 Truck begin here as well. The U.S. 16 parent route bisects Rapid City southward, while the truck route combines with SD 79 around eastern reaches of the city from Exit 61. Photo taken 08/20/14.
Perspective from Interstate 90 & U.S. 14 west
An auxiliary lane accompanies Interstate 90-U.S. 14 west & SD 79 north from the adjacent SPUI with Haines Avenue to Exit 57 with I-190 south & U.S. 16 west. A directional T interchange originally joined the two freeways here. It was reconfigured into a trumpet to eliminate left-hand ramps along I-90 westbound. Photo taken by Jay Maynard (07/05/02).
Black Hills National Forest is a control point for Interstate 190 south & U.S. 16 west in the westbound direction of I-90 only. Sign changes made by 2007 added a greenout for Downtown, reflecting the completion of the U.S. 16 Truck bypass encircling southeast Rapid City. Photo taken by Jay Maynard (07/05/02).
Perspective from Interstate 190 south & U.S. 16 west
Removed by 2007, these were the first confirming markers for both Interstate 190 south & U.S. 16. West Boulevard forms a west side frontage road through to Silver Street. Photo taken by Jeff Royston (03/17/05).


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State South Dakota
Mileage 1.72
Cities Rapid City
Junctions I-90
Source: December 31, 2016 Interstate Route Log and Finders List