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Interstate 180, originally Pennsylvania 147, is a spur route from Interstate 80 serving the northern Susquehanna River valley and the city of Williamsport. Pennsylvania 147 currently exists south of the terminus with Interstate 180 to U.S. 15 near Halifax, part of which is a full freeway. U.S. 220 overlaps with Interstate 180 from Montoursville west to Williamsport. Interstate 180 terminates at the junction with U.S. 15, with U.S. 220 maintaining limited access westward towards Lock Haven and U.S. 15 limited-access northward. U.S. 15 and 220 are a part of the future Interstate 99 corridor.


Interstate 180 was established by AASHTO on October 1, 1983 after the final segment of the Pennsylvania 147 freeway between Interstate 80 and Williamsport opened to traffic in 1982. Work on the initial segment of Pennsylvania 147 started in 1969.1

Highway Guides

Western (Northern) Terminus - U.S. 15/Future Interstate 99 - Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Perspective from U.S. 220 eastbound (Future Interstate 99 north)
U.S. 220 eastbound, one mile ahead of U.S. 15 and Interstate 180 in Williamsport. The text only button copy sign is for the U.S. 15 freeway northbound to Mansfield. Currently a freeway exists in segments between Williamsport and Mansfield via U.S. 15, with construction planned for a seamless link to the New York State line. This corridor, and U.S. 220 at this location, is part of the future Interstate 99 extension. Photo taken 05/07/05.
The next three exits serve Williamsport: Exit 29, U.S. 15/Future Interstate 99 north; Exit 28, Maynard Street; and Exit 27, Hepburn Street. Photo taken 05/07/05.
A third roadside sign points to the U.S. 15 interchange, which is Exit 29 but is not signed as such in this direction. Photo taken 05/07/05.
U.S. 15 north - next right text button copy guide sign on U.S. 220 northbound. The upcoming interchange marks the eastbound beginning of Interstate 180. Traffic turning northward sees a 46 mile journey to Mansfield. For those who have not taken this stretch of highway, it is one of or favorite drives for scenery in the northeast. Photo taken 05/07/05.
Perspective from Interstate 180 east (south)
U.S. 15 northbound is now designated Exit 29, as Interstate 180 finally makes its debut on U.S. 220 northbound. A triplex exists between the two highways and U.S. 15 south for approximately two miles through the downtown area. Photo taken 05/07/05.
With the return ramp from U.S. 15 southbound merging from the right, Interstate 180/U.S. 15/220 proceed eastbound to downtown Williamsport and Exit 28 of Maynard Street. The control points are Lewisburg for U.S. 15 south and Montoursville for the Interstate 180/U.S. 220 split. One may remember Montoursville in conjunction with the tragedy of the Paris, France bound TWA Flight 800 crash of July 17, 1996. Of the 230 killed, 16 were from Montoursville. Photo taken by Tim Reichard (08/03/02).
Interstate 180 east/U.S. 15 south/U.S. 220 north at Exit 28/Maynard Street. The left-hand panel is the first reassurance signage of Interstate 180apos;s existence. Photo taken by Tim Reichard (08/03/02).
Exit 27B for U.S. 15's departure from Interstate 180 east/U.S. 220 north. The US highway departs the freeway onto city streets and a two-lane bridge over the Susquehanna River Bridge. U.S. 15 signage will again be seen on Interstate 180 at the southern terminus. Photo taken by Tim Reichard (08/03/02).
The split of Interstate 180/U.S. 220 with U.S. 15 south. This exit also serves the downtown area along the original U.S. 15. The city of Williamsport is best known for being the host of the Little League World Series. The guide sign indicates that the Little League Museum is served by Exit 27B. Photo taken by Tim Reichard (08/03/02).
Perspective from Interstate 180 west (north)
Interstate 180 west/U.S. 220 south meet U.S. 15 southbound at this exit ramp (Exit 26) in Williamsport. The three highways share pavement for the final two miles of Interstate 180. Eventually the terminus of Interstate 180 will conclude at Future Interstate 99, as the new highway will follow U.S. 220 northeastward from Lock Haven to Interstate 180, then overlay U.S. 15 from that point north to Interstate 86 in New York. Photo taken 05/07/05.
The next exit along westbound Interstate 180, northbound U.S. 15, and southbound U.S. 220 is Exit 28, Maynard Street. Photo taken 05/07/05.
Westbound Interstate 180, northbound U.S. 15, and southbound U.S. 220 reach Exit 28, Maynard Street. U.S. 15 and U.S. 220 (Future Interstate 99) prepare to split; Interstate 180 ends when the two U.S. routes divide. Photo taken 05/07/05.
Prior to crossing over Maynard Street, the reassurance shield assembly omits Interstate 180 but shows U.S. 15 and U.S. 220. Photo taken 05/07/05.
A roadside sign points the way to northbound U.S. 15 en route to Mansfield and Interstate 86 in New York State. Photo taken 05/07/05.
The split of U.S. 15 north from U.S. 220 south, the final exit of Interstate 180 west (Exit 29). U.S. 220 continues another 23 miles to Lock Haven, the county seat of Clinton County and the historic eastern terminus of U.S. 120, and an additional eight miles to Interstate 80. Photo taken 05/07/05.
The pavement reverts back to original concrete as Interstate 180 draws to a close on U.S. 220 southbound. The overpass is that of the U.S. 15 southbound merge to Interstate 180 east/U.S. 220 north. The freeway for U.S. 220 continues another three miles before ending near Linden. Photo taken 05/07/05.
Perspective from U.S. 15 northbound (Future Interstate 99 north)
After the Interstate 180 and U.S. 220 interchange, northbound U.S. 15 and Future Interstate 99 reach the exit for Third Street. The next exit is for Foy Avenue. Photo taken 05/07/05.
A Future Interstate 99 sign is posted after the Third Street off-ramp on northbound U.S. 15. Photo taken 05/07/05.
Eastern (Southern) Terminus - Interstate 80 - Milton, Pennsylvania
Perspective from Pennsylvania 147 north
Pennsylvania 147 northbound bypasses the town of Milton as a freeway. It was formerly a Super Two until one mile south of Interstate 80/Interstate 180, but now Pennsylvania 147 is a full freeway This photograph shows the guide sign for the upcoming junction with Interstate 80 (one mile). Photo taken 05/07/05.
Looking back a few years to the widening of Pennsylvania 147 to a full freeway, this view shows northbound Pennsylvania 147 one-half mile from the junction with Interstates 80 and 180. The three-year (2000-2002) reconstruction of Interstate 80 between U.S. 15 and Interstate 180 & Pennsylvania 147 is now done. Photo taken by Tim Reichard (08/11/02).
Continuing north, Pennsylvania 147 approaches the cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 80. The left two lanes continue north as Interstate 180. Photo taken 05/07/05.
The first ramp from northbound Pennsylvania 147 connects to Interstate 80 east Bloomsburg, while the second ramp is a loop ramp to westbound Interstate 80 to Bellefonte. Photo taken 05/07/05.
Pennsylvania 147 northbound ends here, and Interstate 180 westbound begins. This end shield is posted after the transition ramp to eastbound Interstate 80 but before the loop ramp to westbound Interstate 80. There is no signage for Interstate 180 yet. Photo taken 05/07/05.
Officially Interstate 180 westbound begins. Before Interstate 180 was created, Pennsylvania 147 continued northward along the same routing into Williamsport. Many moons before then, U.S. 111 followed the same alignment. This ramp connects to Interstate 80 west; the next exit is Exit 1, Watsontown. Photos taken 05/07/05 and by Tim Reichard (08/11/02).
Perspective from Interstate 180 west (north)
With the Interstate 80 westbound on-ramp merging from the right, Interstate 180 westbound upgrades to a 65 mph speed limit. The Pennsylvania 147 freeway and super-two is limited to 55 mph. Photo taken by Tim Reichard (08/11/02).
First westbound Interstate 180 shield, newly placed during this construction project. Exit 1 takes Interstate 180 traffic onto old Pennsylvania 147. The original alignment parallels Interstate 180 northward to the old U.S. 220 routing north of Muncy. Photo taken 05/07/05.
Modern signage adorns this overhead assembly on Interstate 180 westbound at Exit 1 for McEwensville/Watsonville. Photo taken 05/07/05.
The second Interstate 180 westbound reassurance shield is probably an original, but it was gone by September 2005. Twenty-six miles separates this point from downtown Williamsport. Photos taken 05/07/05.
Perspective from Interstate 180 east (south)
The last mainline exit of eastbound Interstate 180 is Exit 1, which connects with the original Pennsylvania 147 roadway and serves the villages of McEwensville and Watsonville. The one-mile guide sign for Interstate 80 is in view. Photo taken by Tim Reichard (08/11/02).
To U.S. 15 trailblazer (visible in the above photograph) on Interstate 180 east. Traffic to U.S. 15 should take Interstate 80 west to Exit 210. Also posted are milemarker 1 and Segment 590 of Interstate 180. The reference marker of 590 (small white sign) refers to how U.S. 220 and Interstate 180 were supposed to be a full Interstate 180 loop between Interstate 80 near Lock Haven and Milton. The loop is 60 miles long, with the reference markers increasing by 10 for each mile. These markers, similar to how Pennsylvania signs the markers in a continuous fashion on Interstate highways, do not reset at the county lines. This configuration sees segment 10 posted near Interstate 80 south of Lock Haven. Photo taken by Tim Reichard (08/11/02).
Interstate 80 sign bridge on Interstate 180 eastbound. This is the same assembly in the above photograph. The destinations of Bellefonte and Bloomsburg are small cities along the Interstate 80 corridor. These control points are two of the many used by PENNDOT within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Others include Sharon, Clarion, Du Bois, and Milton. Photo taken by Tim Reichard (08/11/02).
The last Interstate 180 eastbound reassurance shield, posted one-quarter mile before the Interstate 80 cloverleaf. Note the state name within the Interstate 80 shield, which is an increasing rarity in Pennsylvania. Photo taken 09/02/05.
Entering the Interstate 80 cloverleaf interchange on Interstate 180 eastbound. 220 miles separate this ramp from the U.S. 422 interchange at Youngstown, Ohio. The hometown of the conniving former Congressman James A. Traficant Jr. is the next city of significance along Interstate 80 westbound. Photo taken 09/02/05.
The original Interstate 80 button copy overheads on Interstate 180 east (replaced with those in the above photograph). Vidcap taken 04/94.
Interstate 180 comes to a conclusion just past the Interstate 80 eastbound cloverleaf ramp. The overhead panels display the next two exits for the Pennsylvania 147 freeway serving the Milton area (Pennsylvania 147 south around Milton was a Super Two until 2002). 167 miles remain on Interstate 80 from this ramp eastward to Richfield Park, New Jersey. Photo taken 05/07/05.
End Interstate 180 shield and the first southbound Pennsylvania 147 sign. Traffic continuing southward enjoys another six miles of freeway via the Pennsylvania state route. Photos taken 05/07/05.
Twelve years prior, the same set of shields included an original Interstate 180 Pennsylvania shield. Pennsylvania 147 continues twelve miles south to a junction with U.S. 11 near Sunbury. Vidcap taken 12/17/93.
Perspective from Interstate 80 east
Interstate 180/Pennsylvania 147 (Exit 212) advance guide signage on Interstate 80 eastbound within the U.S. 15/Exit 210 cloverleaf interchange. The Susquehanna River separates Interstate 180/Pennsylvania 147 from U.S. 15. Photo taken 05/07/05.
The right lane of eastbound Interstate 80 becomes exit only for the connection to Pennsylvania 147 south (Exit 212S) and Interstate 180 west/north (Exit 212W). Photo taken 05/07/05.
Eastbound Interstate 80 reaches Exit 212S, Pennsylvania 147 south to Milton. The next exit is Exit 212W, Interstate 180 west (north) to Williamsport. Note the replaced guide signage on Interstate 80 eastbound at Exit 31A/Pennsylvania 147 south. This was Exit 31A and is now Exit 212S, and all signage on Interstate 80 between U.S. 15 and Interstate 180 has been replaced as part of the reconstruction project of the freeway. Photo taken 05/07/05 and vidcap taken 12/17/93.
Northbound Interstate 180 is also signed as Alternate U.S. 15, since it is a freeway alignment between Interstate 80 and Williamsport. An incoming ramp brings traffic from southbound Interstate 180 onto eastbound Interstate 80. Photo taken 05/07/05.
Eastbound Interstate 80 reaches Exit 212W, Interstate 180 north/west to Williamsport. Merging traffic from Interstate 180 south/east can return to Interstate 80 via the collector distributor lane. Photo taken 05/07/05.
Perspective from Interstate 80 west
The first signage for the junction with Interstate 180 along westbound Interstate 80 appears two miles prior to Exits 212B-A, right after the Exit 215, Pennsylvania 254, Limestoneville. Photo taken 09/01/05.
The interchange between Interstate 80, Interstate 180, and Pennsylvania 147 is a cloverleaf. Exit 212W (212B) connects to Interstate 180 west, and Exit 212S (212A) connects to Pennsylvania 147 south via a loop ramp. Photo taken 09/01/05.
A new lane forms along westbound Interstate 80 for Exit 212W-S, Interstate 180 west and Pennsylvania 147 south. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Westbound Interstate 80 reaches Exit 212W, Interstate 180 west to Williamsport, home of the annual Little League World Series and the national Little League Museum. appears two miles prior to Exits 212B-A, right after the Exit 215, Pennsylvania 254, Limestoneville. Photo taken 09/01/05.


  1. Pennsylvania Highways: Interstate 180.

Page Updated August 6, 2006.


State Pennsylvania
Mileage 28.84
Cities Williamsport, Montoursville
Junctions I-80, Future I-99
Source: December 31, 2016 Interstate Route Log and Finders List
I-180 Pennsylvania Annual Average Daily Traffic

County From: To: AADT Composite
Northum- berland I-80 & PA 147 Milton Exit 1/ McEwensville 16,000
Northum- berland Exit 1/ McEwensville Exit 5/ PA 54 16,000
Northum- berland/ Lycoming Exit 5/ PA 54 Exit 10/ PA 147 16,000
Lycoming Exit 10/ PA 147 Exit 13/ PA 405 15,000
Lycoming Exit 13/ PA 405 Exit 15/ U.S. 220 23,000
Lycoming Exit 15/ U.S. 220 Exit 17/ Lycoming Mall Dr 23,000
Lycoming Exit 17/ Lycoming Mall Dr Exit 20/ Fairfield Rd 23,000
Lycoming Exit 20/ Fairfield Rd Exit 21/ PA 87 23,000
Lycoming Exit 21/ PA 87 Exit 23/ Third St 37,000
Lycoming Exit 23/ Third St Exit 25/ Faxon 50,000
Lycoming Exit 25/ Faxon Exit 26 Basin St 50,000
Lycoming Exit 26 Basin St Exit 27 /U.S. 15 south 34,000
Lycoming Exit 27/ U.S. 15 south Exit 28/ Maynard St 48,000
Lycoming Exit 28/ Maynard St Exit 29/ U.S. 15 & 220 48,000
Source: Pennsylvania Traffic Volumes 2002 (Penndot)