Interstate 170 Maryland

Interstate 170 opened to traffic in 1979 and originally carried Interstate shields with U.S. 40 remaining on the parallel Franklin and Mulberry Streets. U.S. 40 replaced the Interstate in the mid 1980s.

Interstate 170 in Maryland was a planned spur to downtown Baltimore from Interstate 70 in the Western portion of the city. It was approved by AASHTO on June 30, 1970.

Since Interstate 70 was never constructed in Baltimore, Interstate 170 was never completed to its planned western terminus. However, a small segment of the intended Interstate 170 freeway was constructed near downtown Baltimore. Once it was determined that Interstate 70 would never be built in the city, the orphaned Interstate 170 freeway was downgraded to a portion of U.S. 40.

For a complete photo tour of the former Interstate highway - see our Interstate 170 Maryland guide.

Western Terminus - West of downtown Baltimore near U.S. 1
Looking from the U.S. 1 overpass to the West at the stub end of Interstate 170. Photo taken 01/01.
Parked at the stub end of Eastbound Interstate 170 looking back to the West. Photo taken 01/01.
Eastern Terminus - Downtown Baltimore near Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard
West U.S. 40 with greened out To Interstate 170 button copy sign on Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Northbound. There are a pair of these signs remaining with the shield outline still visible. The viaduct above consists of the ramps for the Eastern terminus of Interstate 170 from downtown. Photo taken 10/01.
Eastbound at the final two ramps for Interstate 170. The above photo was taken below the ramp to the left. Photo taken 01/01.

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