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Route Status

Interstate 130 was the number planned for the 5.8-mile freeway spur between Interstate 30 and U.S. 71 (East Street) within the city of Texarkana. The freeway carried Arkansas 245 shields until the completion of the Arkansas 549 freeway northeast to Interstate 30 in 2013. Arkansas 549 was part of an extended Interstate 49 leading north from Shreveport, a freeway expected to be fully open and signed as I-49 in fall 2014.

In addition to serving the Interstate 49 corridor, Arkansas 245 / planned I-130 also tangentially served U.S. 59 in Texas, which is part of the greater Interstate 69 corridor between Laredo, Texas and Indianapolis, Indiana. U.S. 59, and Interstate 369 as of September 2013, follows the Texas portion of the Texarkana belt line.


The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (ASHTD) submitted Interstate 130 as a future Interstate corridor to the American Association of State and Highway Transportation officials (AASHTO) in Fall 2000; on December 9, 2000, the Route Numbering subcommittee of AASHTO approved the designation as a future route.1 ASHTD also submitted a proposed extension of Interstate 130 from U.S. 71 west to State Line Avenue in Texarkana, but this was denied by AASHTO.

Starting in Winter 2001, Arkansas erected Future Interstate 130 shields along the Arkansas 245 corridor. But these were taken down by October 2003. Arkansas 245/Future Interstate 49 creates a limited access Texarkana belt line along with the existing Texas Loop 151 / U.S. 59 freeway on the Texas side of the city.

High Priority Corridor

Future Interstate 49, including the scuttled Interstate 130 designation, is part of High Priority Corridor 1 and 72: North-South Corridor.

Former Southern Terminus - Future Interstate 49/U.S. 71 - Texarkana, Arkansas
Perspective from Future Interstate 130/Arkansas 245 south
Arkansas 249 (former planned Interstate 130) south at the temporary end with U.S. 71. The freeway continues south to a stack interchange with Arkansas 549 nearby and to a transition into Texas Loop 151. Photo taken by Justin Cozart (07/26/03).
Perspective from U.S. 71 north
U.S. 71 northbound at what was the Arkansas 245/planned Interstate 130 northbound beginning. The interchange between the two highways is a standard diamond. Traffic continuing straight will enter downtown Texarkana, Arkansas in less than three miles. Photo taken by Justin Cozart (07/26/03).
The future ramp from U.S. 71/East Street southbound to Arkansas 245 westbound/Future Intestate 49. Arkansas 245 west to Texas Loop 151 leads drivers to the U.S. 59 freeway at Texas 93/South Lake Drive at Texarkana, Texas. Photo taken by Justin Cozart (07/26/03).
Future Interstate 49/130 stack interchange - Texarkana, Arkansas
The view from the Line Ferry Road bridge to the east at the unopened Interstate 49/Arkansas 245 stack interchange. The flyover now carries Arkansas 549 northbound traffic to Arkansas 245 west. Photo taken by Justin Cozart (07/26/03).
A second perspective of the Future Interstate 49/Arkansas 245 stack interchange from Line Ferry Road. Photo taken by Justin Cozart (07/26/03).
This perspective of the Future Interstate 49/Arkansas 245 stack interchange was taken from U.S. 71 to the northeast. Photo taken by Justin Cozart (07/26/03).
Former Northern Terminus - Interstate 30 Texarkana, Arkansas
Perspective from Interstate 30 east
The possible northern terminus of Interstate 130 was thought to entail the Exit 2 diamond interchange, but construction is now underway involving a new high-speed interchange to the east with Future Interstate 49. This image looks at the Exit 2 off-ramp of Interstate 30 east. Photo taken by Justin Cozart (07/26/03).


  1. Notice to Media: Interstate 130 to be designated in Arkansas dated January 10, 2001.

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State Arkansas
Mileage 5.8
Cities Texarkana
Junctions I-30, I-49
Source: 2003 Arkansas Official State Map
Arkansas 549 (now Interstate 49) northbound on the approach to Arkansas 245. Interstate 49 overtook AR 245 northward en route to Interstate 30.
Arkansas 245 was redesignated first as Arkansas 549 northward and as Arkansas 151 westward. Now the I-49 mainline heads north to Interstate 30 while the route west to Texas Loop 151 is unnumbered.