Interstates 16 through 29 and Signed Branch Routes

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Interstate South/West Terminus North/East Terminus
16 Macon, GA Savannah, GA
516 GA Savannah Garden City
17 Phoenix, AZ Flagstaff, AZ
19 Nogales, AZ (Mexican border) Tucson, AZ
20 near Kent, TX Florence, SC
220 LA Shreveport Bossier City
220 MS Jackson Ridgeland
520 GA/SC Augusta, GA North Augusta, SC
820 TX Benbrook North Richland Hills
22 Byhalia, MS Birmingham, AL
24 Pulleys Mill, IL Chattanooga, TN
25 Las Cruces, NM Buffalo, WY
225 CO Denver Aurora
26 Morrison City, TN Charleston, SC
126 SC Columbia downtown Columbia
526 SC western Charleston eastern Charleston
27 Lubbock, TX Amarillo, TX
29 Kansas City, MO Canadian Border - Pembina, ND
129 IA/NE South Sioux City, NE Sioux City, IA
229 MO St. Joseph Amazonia
229 SD Sioux Falls Sioux Falls

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Interstate 25 closed sign posted along northbound on the outskirts of Casper, Wyoming. Flashing lights illuminate during periods of closure. Photo taken 08/06/13.
Inclement weather, traffic alerts and other advisories may result in a closure of Interstate highways in the high plains. During these periods, traffic is directed to turn around or wait until the freeway reopens.
Interstate 26 southbound on the viaduct across the South Fortk of the Holston River in Kingsport, Tennessee. Photo taken 06/25/12.
The stretch of Interstate 26 south of Johnson City, Tennessee angles in such a way that eastbound flows westbound and vice versa. I-25 east of Santa Fe, New Mexico and I-64 in Hampton Roads, Virginia are other examples where the cardinal direction of an Interstate does this.