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Interstate 690 forms an urban loop south from the New York Thruway to Lakeland, the New York State Fairgrounds, Solvay and the city of Syracuse. The freeway continues northwest from I-90 as New York 690 to bypass the village of Baldwinsville, while the east end serves commuter traffic in the town of Dewitt.

Interstate 690 is one of the few Interstates with a traffic light (I-78 west of the Holland Tunnel is another). Traffic lights however are only in place and operational once a year during the 12-day Great New York State Fair.


Interstate 690 was constructed in the early 1970s. The western terminus was reconfigured with a direct interchange at Interstate 90 in 1988.1

Highway Guides

Western Terminus - Interstate 90 - near Baldwinsville, New York
Perspective from Interstate 690 west
Interstate 690 westbound at the ramp departure of Exit 3 to Farrell Road and junction New York 48 (State Fair Boulevard). The freeway has just passed Interstate 90 (New York Thruway) and is only 0.75 miles from the transition into New York 690 at the Thruway on-ramps from Exit 1. New York 48 follows State Fair Boulevard northwest from Farrell Road to Baldwinsville. Photo taken 05/09/05.
The last Interstate 690 reassurance marker lies ahead of the Exit 2 & 1 diagrammatic overhead for Jones Road and Interstate 90 (New York Thruway). Jones Road stems southwest from New York 48 (State Fair Boulevard) to a diamond interchange with Interstate 690 near Brickyard & Van Buren Roads. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Exit 2 leaves Interstate 690 west for Jones Road as the freeway draws near the Exit 1 trumpet interchange with the New York Thruway. The right-hand lane defaults onto Interstate 90 beyond the Jones Road off-ramp as Exit 1. Interstate 90 next interchanges with New York 57 to the east and New York 34 to the west. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Traffic for Interstate 90/Exit 1 departs to the right as New York 690 takes over (the official end sign of Interstate 690 is in the distance - see next photograph). The freeway continues another six miles to New York 48 and the town of Baldwinsville. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (02/24/02).
The aforementioned shields for end Interstate 690/begin New York 690 at the western terminus of Interstate 690. Interstate 390 also transitions into a state highway counterpart freeway. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (09/00).
Perspective from New York 690 east
New York 690 southbound one mile out from the Exit 1 trumpet interchange with Interstate 90 (New York Thruway). The New York Thruway is almost always signed with the control cities of Albany and Buffalo in Upstate New York. The turnpike also serves Rochester and Utica on its Interstate 90 portion. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Exit 1 and 2 sign bridge at the eastbound transition of New York 690 to Interstate 690. There are six interchanges of Interstate 90 that serve the Syracuse metropolitan area. Exit 39 for Interstate 690 is the westernmost of these. Photo taken 05/09/05.
The first eastbound Interstate 690 shield, coincided with the end New York 690 plate. The Exit 2 diamond interchange with Jones Road departs immediately after the Interstate 90 on-ramp from the New York Thruway. Jones Road lines Interstate 690 with New York 48 (State Fair Boulevard) and the intersection of Brickyard and Van Buren Roads to the south. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Perspective from Interstate 90 west
Interstate 690 and New York 690/Exit 39 guide sign on the New York Thruway westbound. The road in the background is actually Interstate 690, as the turnpike interchange is still one mile ahead. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (09/00).
Perspective from Interstate 90 east
Interstate 90 eastbound one mile ahead of the Exit 39 trumpet interchange with Interstate 690 & New York 690. The 690 freeway serves Baldwinville to the northwest and Syracuse to the southeast. Fulton is served by the New York 690 connection with New York 48 to the north of Baldwinsville. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Traffic to Interstate 690 east and New York 690 north departs Interstate 90 east at Exit 39. Interstate 690 serves the Syracuse State Fairgrounds, Solvay, and Westvale en route to downtown Syracuse. New York 690 provides a freeway bypass of Baldwinsville and New York 48 for traffic destined to Fulton and Oswego. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Drivers departing the New York Thruway must enter a toll plaza before the trumpet interchange with Interstate 690 east and New York 690 north. The plaza is pictured here. Photo taken 05/09/05.
After paying the toll, motorists enter the Interstate 690 & New York 690 freeway. Interstate 690 turns southeast toward the Syracuse State Fairgrounds and downtown. Connections with the New York 695 and 5 freeways serve the western suburbs of Fairmount, Westvale, and Camillus. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Eastern Terminus - Interstate 481 - East Syracuse, New York
Perspective from Interstate 690 east
Diagram sign on Interstate 690 eastbound for the split of ramps to Interstate 481. The Syracuse bypass intersects the New York Thruway two exits to the north of Interstate 690. In this scene the six-lane freeway passes over Bridge Street at the folded-diamond interchange of Exit 17. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Traffic from Bridge Street joins Interstate 690 eastbound ahead of the split between ramps to Interstate 481 north and south. Interstate 481 provides a bypass route for through travelers in lieu of downtown via Interstate 81. The freeway loop serves the eastern suburbs of DeWitt, East Syracuse, Lyndon, and North Syracuse. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Interstate 690 eastbound defaults onto Interstate 481 south. This photograph shows the roadway turning to the south as the northbound Interstate 481 ramp departs to the left. The end shield of the Interstate can be seen to the right (see next photograph). Photo taken 05/09/05.
The eastern end shield for Interstate 690, posted on the ramp to Interstate 481 southbound. The next exit of the Syracuse Bypass is for the southeast suburb of DeWitt. Beyond the crest ahead is a ghost ramp stemming east to northbound Interstate 481 and Butternut Drive. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Perspective from Interstate 481 south
The first guide sign for Interstate 690 (Exit 4) posted on Interstate 481 southbound resides within the Exit 5 full-cloverleaf interchange with Kirkville Road. Interstate 481 ascends over Ellis Street, the CSX Railroad lines, and New York 290 (Manlius Center Road) beyond the Kirkville Road eastbound on-ramp. Photo taken 05/09/05.
0.75-mile overhead for Interstate 690 west (Exit 4) posted on Interstate 481 southbound at the CSX Railroad under crossing. Interstate 690 ventures west from Interstate 481 through East Syracuse to downtown and the Syracuse State Fairgrounds north of Solvay. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Nearing the Exit 4 ramp departure on Interstate 481 southbound at the New York 290 underpass. New York 290 meets Bridge Street near the Exit 17 interchange of Interstate 690 west. The state highway and Interstate 690 continue west into the Eastwood section of Syracuse. Photo taken 05/09/05.
The westbound beginning of Interstate 690 leaves Interstate 481 south at Exit 4. A directional interchange facilitates the movements between the two freeways. Interstate 81 and the Syracuse central business district lie five miles to the west. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Perspective from Interstate 481 north
Diagram sign on Interstate 481 northbound for the pending westbound beginning of Interstate 690. There are six interchanges left on the Syracuse Bypass before it returns to Interstate 81 at North Syracuse. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (04/01).
Interstate 690 westbound diverts away from Interstate 481. The east-west freeway also serves the communities of East Syracuse, Westvale, and Solvay as it treks towards Onondaga Lake west of downtown. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (09/25/02).


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