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Interstate 369

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Proposed as a 118-mile spur from Interstate 69 near Tennaha to Texarkana, Interstate 369 was approved by AASHTO at the November 15, 2012 meeting. Currently only the freeway on the west side of Texarkana is signed as Interstate 369 with the remainder unbuilt, including the parent route in Shelby County.


Interstate 369 is Segment 29 of the proposed I-69 Route in Texas. The Alliance for I-69 Texas includes a number of projects slated for the eventual corridor of Interstate 369. These include intersections improvements between U.S. 59 and Texas FM 989, funded for construction in 2014 and completed widening of 13 miles of U.S. 59 between Linden and Jefferson to four lanes.1

Jarvis Parkway (U.S. 59) at Texarkana was unveiled as Interstate 369 by the Texas Highway and Transportation Department during a ceremony held on September 23, 2013. This added 3.5 miles of U.S. 59 to the Interstate system from SH 93 and 151 north to IH 30.3

Route Information

  • North End – Texarkana, TX

  • South End – Texarkana, TX

  • Mileage – 4.21  (3.50*)

  • Cities – Texarkana

  • JunctionsI-30

Source: TxDOT Statewide Planning Map
*- December 31, 2018 Interstate Route Log and Finders List

I-369 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

Location Vehicles per day
US 59 to US 67 30,013
US 67 to Westlawn Dr 37,825
Westlawn Dr to US 82 39,147
US 82 to IH 30 38,023

Source: 2017 AADT – TxDOT Statewide Planning Map

North End I-30 US 59 – Texarkana, Texas

A directional interchange (Exit 220A) connects the north end of Interstate 369 with Interstate 30 and U.S. 59.

South End – US 59 SH 93 State Loop 151 – Texarkana, Arkansas

IH 369 ends at the diamond interchange and flyover ramp linking US 59 with SH 93 (South Lake Drive) and SL 151 in southwest Texarkana. Long range construction on new terrain routes for both IH 69 and IH 369 will ultimately connect the two near Tennaha.


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