Interstate Business Route 25

Interstate 25 has 15 active business routes and several decommissioned/former business route.

Location Status Description
Truth or Consequences Active This business route follows Broadway Street, Main Street, and Date Street between Exits 75 and 79 via old U.S. 85. The business loop is well-signed and links to New Mexico 51/Third Avenue at the intersection of Date Street and Third Avenue in downtown.
Socorro Active This business route follows California Street (Old U.S. 85) between Exits 147 and 150. Between Spring Street and Exit 150, the business loop overlaps with a portion of U.S. 60 in northern Socorro.
Belen Active This business route follows Old U.S. 85 between Exits 190 and 195 via New Mexico 314/Main Street and an expressway link between Main Street and Exit 195 north of Belen. The link from Main Street to the expressway that leads back to Interstate 25 is a high-speed interchange.
Santa Fe Decommissioned Older maps of Santa Fe from the 1980s and 1990s indicated a Business Loop I-25 through Santa Fe via Cerrillos Road, St. Michaels Drive, and Old Pecos Trail. However, as investigated in 2008, the routing is currently signed as parts of New Mexico 14 and New Mexico 466. No business loop shields remain.
Las Vegas Active Business Loop I-25 in Las Vegas follows old U.S. 85 via Grand Avenue between Exits 343 and 347. Portions of the route are signed as "To New Mexico 518," which begins at the intersection of Grand Avenue and Seventh Street downtown. New Mexico 518 follows Seventh Street northwest to Taos via Mora.
Springer Active This business loop follows Maxwell Avenue and Railroad Avenue (via old U.S. 85) between Exits 412 and 414. It is the only connection from Interstate 25 to U.S. 56-412 east.
Raton Active The Raton Business Loop I-25 follows Second Street and Canyon Drive (old U.S. 85-87) through the city center between Exits 450 and 454.
Trinidad Decommissioned A reconstruction project of Interstate 25 resulted in the removal of most remnant signs for the former business loop in Trinidad. Back in 2000, Matt Salek had reported, "I don't know of any local-control business routes in Colorado, but I'm suspicious about I-25 in Trinidad. In the package of Colorado pictures Mike Ballard sent me, there was one of a Business Loop I-25 sign for Trinidad [along Interstate 25 northbound]. Also, from a picture he took of a sign assembly, U.S. 160 no longer exits from I-25 where it used to. As near as I can tell, it now has what used to be the Colorado 239 exit. So, perhaps the old U.S. 160 exit is now a state-maintained Business Loop I-25 exit, or maybe it isn't. I even don't know which exit the Business Loop I-25 sign is for, because it just says 'Next Right' rather than 'Exit xx.'" We later determined this sign was serving Exits 13A-B. As of July 2008, the Trinidad business loop sign was still present, but a drive through town revealed no business loop reassurance shields. By 2012, the green Trinidad business loop sign was gone.
Aguilar Active This instance of Business Spur I-25 begins at Interstate 25 Exit 34 and travels 1.94 miles southwest via Lynn Road and Fir Street to downtown Aguilar, ending at the intersection of Fir Street and Main Street (complete with END shield assembly). The business spur follows an old alignment of U.S. 85-87-160. Once in downtown Aguilar, motorists may continue southeast back to Interstate 25 via First Street and County Route 63.1 to Exit 30. This return route is locally maintained and thus is not included as part of the state-maintained business route. Business Spur I-25 in Aguilar was largely unsigned (only one shield at its western end and no mention from the mainline freeway, but this changed by August 2012, when ample signs were erected along the entirety of the route as well as along Interstate 25 northbound).
Walsenburg Active The Walsenburg 3.94-mile business loop runs from Exit 49 to Exit 52 via Main Street and Walsen Avenue on the west side of Interstate 25, along old U.S. 85-87. It is signed as Business Loop I-25; there are no U.S. 85-87 signs on this loop. A portion of the business loop shares alignment with U.S. 160 along Walsen Avenue between Seventh Street and Fifth Street.
Colorado Springs Decommissioned The Colorado Springs business route used to extend from Exit 140 to 148 on the east side of Interstate 25 along Nevada Avenue. Like most other business loops along Interstate 25 in Colorado, the loop was concurrent with old U.S. 85-87, but neither U.S. 85 nor U.S. 87 were signed along with the business loop when it was active. It was only marked as Business Loop I-25 (at least in the 1990s-2000s timeframe). This business loop was 6.75 miles long per the Colorado State Route Log. On October 1, 2007, the business loop was decommissioned along with portions of several other state routes in Colorado Springs (such as Colorado 83 and Colorado 38), and the new Colorado 21 (Powers Road) alignment was added as a state highway at the same time. On southbound Interstate 25, approaching the left exit for Business Loop I-25, there was a sign which says "BUSINESS [25]", with [25] being a green loop marker (this sign is now gone). Thus the word "BUSINESS" appears on both the shield and on the green sign background.
Castle Rock Decommissioned Part of old U.S. 85-87, this loop used to follow Plum Creek Parkway and Wilcox Street between Exit 181 and Exit 182. It was decommissioned around 1996 and likely was never signed. By 2007, Colorado 86 was rerouted to the north side of the city. The west end of Colorado 86 used to be at the intersection of Fifth Street and Wilcox Street in Castle Rock, which is three blocks east of Interstate 25. This intersection is at a junction with "S.H. 25-E," which was formerly defined as a "Business loop through Castle Rock." The state route log listed its length at 1.20 miles until it was removed from the state highway system. When Colorado decommissions a business route from the state highway system, the designation is not retained for local jurisdiction use.
Cheyenne Active The Cheyenne Business Loop I-25 follows College Avenue (Wyoming 212/Business U.S. 87) and Central Avenue (U.S. 85, Business U.S. 87, and even Interstate 180). All of the Cheyenne Interstate 180 expressway is cosigned with Business Loop I-25, U.S. 85, and Business U.S. 87. Click here for photos and mileage information.
Chugwater Active Business Loop I-25 in Chugwater follows Old U.S. 87 (Yellowstone Highway) via Wyoming 321. Click here for photos and mileage information.
Wheatland Active In Wheatland, Business Loop I-25 follows Business U.S. 87 through town. Click here for photos and mileage information.
Douglas Active Through Douglas, Business Loop I-25 follows Business U.S. 20-26-87 through town. Click here for photos and mileage information.
Glenrock Active Business Loop I-25 in Glenrock follows U.S. 20-26-87 (Yellowstone Highway) and Wyoming 95. Click here for photos and mileage information.
Casper Active Business Loop I-25 in Casper is rarely shown in Casper inset maps, but it follows Business U.S. 20-26-87 (Yellowstone Highway) and Wyoming 255/Business U.S. 87 (Center Street). Click here for photos and mileage information.
Buffalo Active Also signed as Business U.S. 87, Business Loop I-25 passes through downtown Buffalo, and it ends at its junction with Interstate 90. At the north end, Business Loop I-25 and Business Loop I-90 are cosigned. Click here for photos and mileage information.

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Business Loop I-25, U.S. 85, and U.S. 87 Business southbound reassurance shields posted on Central Avenue in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Photo taken 09/01/04.
Business Loops for I-25 in Wyoming follow segments of old U.S. 87 or are cosigned with U.S. 87 or U.S. 87 Business.