Interstates 40 through 45 and Signed Branch Routes

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Interstate South/West Terminus North/East Terminus
40 Barstow, CA Wilmington, NC
140 NC Town Creek Scotts Hill
140 TN near Farragut Alcoa
240 NC Sand Hill eastern Asheville
240 OK Will Rogers Airport eastern Oklahoma City
240 TN Downtown Memphis eastern Memphis
440 AR Little Rock North Little Rock
440 NC Beltway - Raleigh
440 TN western Nashville eastern Nashville
540 AR Fort Smith Bentonville
540 NC near Research Triangle Park western Raleigh
640 TN western Knoxville eastern Knoxville
840 NC west Greensboro east of Greensboro
840 TN near Dickson near Lebanon
41 Milwaukee, WI Green Bay, WI
43 Beloit, WI Green Bay, WI
44 Wichita Falls, TX St. Louis, MO
244 OK Oakhurst eastern Tulsa
45 Galveston, TX Dallas, TX

Interstate 40 westbound approaches the agricultural inspection station outside Needles, California. Photo taken 07/22/14.
Agricultural inspection stations lie along all Interstate highways entering California from Arizona, Nevada and Oregon. When in operation, these stations require motorists to stop as officers do a visual observation of vehicles or verbal questioning of drivers for any inbound based agricultural products.
A prematurely revealed Interstate 41 trailblazer in Milwaukee. Photo taken by davenh (12/25/13).
Interstate 41 is one of the newest Interstates in the system, with approval by AASHTO in November 2012. Additions since include Interstate 2 in 2013 and the future I-11 corridor.

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