Interstates 10, 11, 12, 15 and their Signed Branch Routes

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Interstate South/West Terminus North/East Terminus
10 Santa Monica, CA Jacksonville, FL
110 CA San Pedro (Los Angeles) Downtown Los Angeles
110 FL Pensacola Ferry Pass
110 LA Downtown Baton Rouge Northern Baton Rouge
110 MS Biloxi D'lberville
110 TX downtown El Paso El Paso
210 CA Sylmar Pomona
210 LA western Lake Charles eastern Lake Charles
310 LA Boutte Kenner
410 TX Beltway - San Antonio
510 LA near Chalmette New Orleans
610 LA western New Orleans - Metairie eastern New Orleans
610 TX Beltway - Houston
710 CA Long Beach Monterey Park
(Interstate 210 - Pasadena)
11 east of Hoover Dam Henderson, NV
12 Baton Rouge, LA Slidell, LA
15 Mission Valley/San Diego, CA
(Barrio Logan/San Diego, CA)
Sweetgrass, MT (Canadian border)
115 MT Butte downtown Butte
215 CA Murrieta San Bernardino
215 NV Las Vegas (I-11 / I-515) - Henderson
215 UT Park Terrace North Salt Lake
515 NV Henderson Las Vegas

Additional Info
Arizona Loop 202 west at the symmetrical stack interchange with Interstate 10 along the Chandler and Phoenix city line. Photo taken 04/28/12.
Arizona is one of two lower-48 states without a three-digit Interstate route. The Phoenix area loops (101, 202 and 303) would make logical three-digit loops for I-10 or I-17 but were built with state funds and thus not Interstates.
Interstate 16 west at Interstate 95 near Pooler, Georgia. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Rural cloverleaf interchanges were once more prevalent at Interstate to Interstate junctions. Weaving traffic patterns and increasing traffic counts have led to upgrades of many throughout the system. The exchange between I-16 and I-95 is one that remains in its original configuration.